Here are some of the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Do laundry while you exercise with this bike-powered washing machine concept.

Kid-friendly dinner ideas you can make straight from the freezer. (Bless you, Cool Mom Eats.)

Interesting thinking about how to raise a happy teen.

How to read an eyeroll (should your child be less than happy, every so often).


6 places to visit with kids for Black History Month

Love articles like this: 7 words that came about from people getting them wrong. (No, “nucular” is not in there.)

Liz’s new favorite mascara splurge — thanks, Nordstrom salesperson who was totally right!


Toy Fair fail: Boy/Girl Toy of the Year awards still in effect. Derp.

Toy Industry Association fail. (Wait, who flew the Millennium Falcon again? Oh, right.)

Aaaand… Toy Industry Association win. We hope.

One more reason to totally love Meryl Streep.

The truth about women who have it all.

Love this new educational music app for kids.

Oldie but goodie: Satirical invoice for a Manhattan child’s birthday party.


Clever rainbow loom pom pom pencil topper DIY at Make & Takes

Our kids will totally love Make and Take’s rainbow loom band pencil topper DIY for all those bands still lying around.

Obsessed with kids’ fashion? Check out the pretty new site Mini Maven.

If you’re a type geek, this alphabet will blow your mind. And make you hungry.

Huge congrats to Tim Kubert, Grammy Winner for best kids’ album. (And very nice guy!)

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