Here are some links we’ve loved reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too!


Edible Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate Easter Bunnies, or Cumberbunnies. That’s a thing.

One of our favorite Spawned podcast episodes yet: Taking sex (candidly) with Rosie Pope. Just uh, get the earmuffs if you have kids in the room.

Recycle your old jeans at Madewell — they will put them to amazing use.

The new app your kids will want. And you will want to get it for them.

Why it might be time to stop calling girls tomboys.

What friends without kids can teach you about parenting. (h/t Pop Sugar Moms)

Delicious one-bowl baking recipes that make you a parenting superstar without much effort.

Finally! Check out the Ghostbusters reboot trailer that you know you’ve been waiting for. (Okay, well…we have at least.)

The first plus-size female superhero is a badass.

Check out how this little girl celebrated Black History Month with a photo a day. So cool!

The NY Times’ long loved Motherlode column is now called Well Parent. Love the inclusivity…but doesn’t the name sound like an insurance plan? Find it here:

Tattly is coming out with gorgeous, floral-scented temporary tattoos!

Coming soon…floral scented Tattly tattoos in time for Mother’s Day! Beats smelling like a tattoo parlor.

8 mom entrepreneurs who figured out work-life balance (to whatever degree that’s possible)

Why you can balance motherhood with your creative career dreams.

We love STEM, but should we be cutting liberal arts funding?

Target and Marimekko partner on a a gorgeous new home line coming soon.

Another win for Target with their #nofomo swimsuit campaign, to help more women feel beautiful and confident at any size.


The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide 2016 featuring 175+ of the absolute coolest baby shower gift ideas |

If you haven’t perused our brand new Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide for 2016 click over now! We’ve got a running bet over here about which item will be the most popular.

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