Here are a few of our favorite links around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Naturally-colored Matcha tea shortbread cookies for St Patrick’s Day.

Even more dye-free St Patrick’s day recipe for the kids at Cool Mom Eats. Fun!

How to make your own DIY Shamrock Shake Recipe.

DIY tattoo Easter eggs. Cool!

Tips for dyeing natural Easter eggs at Design Mom with something you may have in your fridge right now.

Zootopia has become so beloved, viewers are getting angry at negative reviews?

The best tips for spring cleaning your tech devices.

Mental health creativity break: A great primer on journaling.

Oh Joy for Target Nursery Collection: City layette set

A favorite from the new Oh Joy for Target nursery collection.

7 drugstore beauty products that are better than the expensive stuff.

A fantastic app for teaching kids that food doesn’t come “from the supermarket.”

Lots of discussion about oversharing kids’ photos on social media.

Whoa: this movie is animated entirely with paintings.

A really important if difficult video about why we need to take postpartum depression seriously.

Survey: Brands get kudos for depicting diversity in families.

Why grades might not be as useful as you think.

Valentine’s Day might be over, but there are still ways to prioritize your partner or spouse.

The Hip-Hop Chess Federation. Who knew?

Must read: 50+ celebs team up to support schools through one of our favorite orgs. Here’s how you can help too.

The Thunder Beneath Us: Much -awaited new novel from Nicole Blades

So proud of our own Nicole Blades and the launch of her long-awaited novel, The Thunder Beneath Us. Here’s to multi-talented moms doing amazing things. Preorder it now.

Your laugh for the day: Baby Rabies on what to do with lingerie you don’t wear anymore.

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