We all have hearts in our eyes over Mabel’s Labels’ latest design: personalized Emoji name labels for our kids’ water bottles, backpacks, toys, and — of course — favorite texting device.

With three designs to choose from, parents can pick the emoji that best represents their child. No, none of them are scowling — that’s just a phase. Honest. And, thankfully, the poop icon isn’t represented in this group.

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I love that each set comes with 45 bright and durable labels, so we can add them to (and re-add them to) tons of stuff that our kids have a habit of misplacing throughout the school year and during their days at summer camp. Since these personalized labels are waterproof, you won’t lose them to the dishwasher or the sprinkler system, for that matter.

Mabel's Labels new emoji design for kids

And unlike some other label designs, here’s one we think even our too-cool tweens can get behind. Insert relieved emoji here.

Check out Mabel’s Labels new personalized emoji name labels; your kids will love you even more.

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