Have you ever fancied yourself fighting two-dimensional crime alongside Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup? Well get on it! Thanks to the super fun new Powerpuff Yourself website from Cartoon network, you can create your very own Powerpuff Girl avatar faster than you can say Professor Utonium.

Okay so maybe not that fast. But still, somewhat fast.

I love how mine came out above! Notice, my superhero accessory is an iPhone. Also my hair is now impervious to bad guys and sudden rises in humidity.


#powerpuffyourself! Make your own custom Powerpuff girl (or guy) avatar, gif, or wallpaper here

Pick male or female features, clothes, accessories and a backdrop, then download as Wallpaper, a social avatar or a blinding animated gif, and prepare to show off to the world with hashtag #powerpuffyourself. Because, social media or it didn’t happen.

Of course it’s a promotion! Powerpuff Girls will be on every night at 6PM on the Cartoon Network.

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