Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Brilliant! Healthier first birthday cake alternatives for little kids that don’t skimp on the fun. Like this Apple Spice Cake with Maple recipe at Simple Bites.

The most influential celebrity baby names right now. Did yours make the list?

The fun kids’ app that will bring you back to your own childhood.

Amazing POV from a mom-to-be on what it looks like to watch your baby being born…via a surrogate.

An amazing 9-year-old reporter. (Does she need an internship?)

After writing about our mild disappointment with the new Disney LEGO minifigs, some took issue with Liz’s characterization of Ariel. Here’s another perspective on why cartoons are not role models.

Are your kids adventurous enough to try this for dinner?

Quick and easy internet tips and guidelines for parents.


New Eric Carle Tattly Tattoos just launched in time for spring

Aw, love the new Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar Tattly tattoos just in time for spring.

The celebrity babies who are getting hair extensions. Okay then.

Two new parenting books you’ll want: One sanity-saver, and one NSFW sanity-saver.

Funny: How to make women’s products more gender-neutral for sexist investors.

20 cognitive biases that can lead to making bad decisions.

One smart mom in defense of bilingual families.

Meet the girl who was just accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools. Whoo!

A feisty POV on schools that censor student theater productions.

Buzzfeed recreates SI swimsuit covers with a more diverse range of body types.

Twitterati Cryptograms: A twist on a funniest tweets book — featuring our own Kristen!


What's that phase called...? Parenting truth via Cool Mom Picks

Undeniable words of wisdom.

Thinking of a move? This week, New York passed the most comprehensive mandatory state paid family leave law, and San Francisco followed suit. Great start! Take a look at the 20 states that could be next. (Then check out this chart to see where the US stands globally and know why it’s just a start.)

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