Here are some links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too!


Have you visited our 2016 Mother’s Day gift guide yet? Check out our ideas for:

18 handmade Mother’s Day gifts from the kids (printable crown, above, via Mr. Printables)
the coolest affordable keepsake jewelry for moms
cool, creative custom Mother’s Day gifts
The coolest gifts for the coolest grandmas
9 gorgeous homemade food gifts for Mother’s Day
6 beautiful lockets for Mom
          …with more to come!

How we can help you win a $2500 giveaway to Land of Nod. And it’s easy. Whoo!

Our own Liz Gumbinner talks to the TODAY Show about controversial parenting topics.
(Solidarity with Chrissy Tiegan!)

Fun free printable Mother’s Day cards for strong women, inspired by Shonda Rhimes.

13 perfect Mother’s Day quote prints on Etsy

An awesome free app to help make meal planning a snap.

Little Astronauts project - a dad documents his 4 year old exploring the world in a space suit

We love dads too, of course, like this fantastic little astronaut photography project by Aaron Sheldon (at top) detailing his four-year old son exploring his world in a space suit. (via  Swiss Miss)

Also, a photography exhibit about smart, funny, empowered tween girls.

5 ways not to screw up your kids.

A family with a 101 year streak of boys has its first girl. What?!

Fun watch: The Simpsons couch gag that pays tribute to Disney.

How to explain mansplaining. (Well, actually…)

Free printable Mother's Day checklist from Real Simple

How great is this Mother’s Day printable from Real Simple? (But do we only get to check one in each column?)

Why it’s okay to let kids quit.

Every kid is unique, but should they all have unusual names?

We mentioned the girl who got accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools, and here’s one of her admission essays. Wow.

We’re currently at the fantastic Mom 2.0 summit, and guess which cool celebrity mom we met yesterday? And guess which other cool celebrity mom we met? (And yes, they’re both phenomenal women and moms! Not surprised at all.)

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