To commemorate the Cool Mom Picks 10th anniversary (!!) I wanted to share a special gift with Liz, something that would visibly remind us of this exciting milestone. It didn’t take too long to land on the idea of jewelry, considering we’re both accessories junkies — as our readers no doubt know by now — but it couldn’t be just any jewelry.

I finally committed to a truly beautiful custom karat gold necklace from Julian & Co, one of our favorite indie, mom-run businesses.

So I’m thrilled to share the journey behind my design collaboration with designer Tania Condon of Julian & Co and the gorgeous final result both Liz and I wear every day. Especially since I get to share my story on behalf of our newest sponsor May is Gold Month (Yes! It’s a thing!).

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When we set out to create a website in 2006 that would support small businesses and mom-run companies, Julian & Co was one of the very first jewelry shops we featured here. So there was built-in sentimental meaning in her work to begin with.

While Tania had started out by creating keepsake mom jewelry in honor of her preemie son, she eventually expanded her line to a popular, higher-end line of fine silver and karat gold jewelry with a delicate, modern sensibility. And we’ve both loved it ever since.

So having followed Tania’s work for so long, I knew she was capable of creating a design that would commemorate ten years of indie discoveries on Cool Mom Picks in a way that would suit our picky tastes.

I also knew she worked with really high-quality karat gold, which both Liz and I agree makes for a treasured gift that never goes out of style.

The beautiful diamond pave' karat gold necklace from Julian & Co we commissioned for our 10th anniversary

Instantly, I thought of her pavé diamond karat gold necklaces, and so Tania and I discussed how we could incorporate the number “10” — in honor of our tenth anniversary. After a few different ideas, which included various hanging charms, I suggested having the “1” and the “0” attached to the chain on opposite sides of the necklace. This way, when the necklace was on, each number would hang opposite each other against our collarbones.

I thought this detail would make the design both subtle and stylish, while giving it that extra-special something that both Liz and I always love in our jewelry.

And…I was right!

The two of us couldn’t be happier with the final result, and not surprisingly, we each have been wearing ours every single day without fail. (Seriously! Look at our Instagram photos and you may catch a glimpse of it when we’re sporting v-necks.)

Now, when I pass by a mirror and see it hanging down my neck, or reach down to play with it while I work, I think of Liz. Not just the celebration of our joint labor of love that turned into a ten-year-old business, but one of the most wonderful things that has come along with it — a first decade of friendship that I know will continue to last, just as long as our beautiful necklaces.

Thanks so much to May is Gold Month for giving us this opportunity to share the story behind one of our favorite pieces of jewelry of all time. Be sure to visit for lots of information about Karat Gold, including participating retailers, weekly trends, and cool giveaways.


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