Here are some of the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Check out #aboycantoo — a fascinating photography project documenting boys who like dancing, dolls, and dressing up too. (Top image © Trinity Design/Aboycantoo)

Did you know we’re helping to give away a huge $2500 shopping spree to Land of Nod to a lucky reader? Final days to enter, and it couldn’t be easier so go! Because that’s a whole lot of shopping.

Thanks so much to People Magazine for naming us among 12 favorite parenting sites and social media accounts. Wow!

Lots of discussion on our Facebook page about earlier bedtimes for kids.

Parents of teens: Check out the 7th annual NY Times Summer Reading Contest.

Need more book ideas? Here are 10 new YA books to read this summer. Also check out the 2016 Children’s Book Award winners, including one of our very faves, The Princess and the Pony.

Love how this mom punks her daughter on Instagram.

Why the connection between SIDS and swaddling that’s being reported is totally overblown — and smart safety tips for parents of babies.


Smiling at this Justin Timberlake parody video made just for moms. Can you relate? (Even Justin tweeted it out!)

5 small changes in diet that can make a big difference.

One kitchen gadget we are all dying for around here. Want! Want!

A Mother’s Day gift that will never be forgotten. Grab tissues.


Nendo Chocolate Paints -- yes you can eat them! | via Design Milk

The most outrageous chocolates
 that give new definition to edible paints.

A different kind of a law to prevent cyberbullying.

7 really amazing science/technology museums to visit with your kids this summer.

The iPhone case with a sense of humor. (Is it better for you or for your kids?)

The words that gross us all out.

Ha: The definition of modern parenting.

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