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We’ve launched our annual Father’s Day Gift Guide! Yay!

We’ll be rolling out a new one every day or so, but be sure to check out our picks for 13 of the coolest personalized Father’s Day gifts right now (like the beautiful tie clips made from children’s artwork from Formia Designs, shown above) because you’ve got to hurry on those.

Also check out our Cool Mom Tech  guide to cool audio gifts for dads who love their music and movies. (We kind of want them all ourselves.

We’ve covered lots of modern family portrait artists, but this one in particular is cracking us up. Though maybe not for Dad.

Photographic reminders of why the stereotype of the dumb dad needs to go away.

On Cool Mom Eats, we’ve got 13 gourmet gifts for dads who love to cook, eat, or both.

The Roccbox portable stone pizza oven is a dreamy gourmet gift for any dad who loves cooking outdoors | 2016 Cool Mom Eats Father's Day gift guide
Portable stone pizza oven, anyone? Wow!


Don’t forget teachers this month! Check out the best gifts for teachers according to actual teachers.

Cute idea: Free printables to make teacher food gifts more special.

Your (huge) parenting laugh of the day courtesy of Kimberly Harrington and McSweeney’s.

Absolutely lovely: On parenting your youngest child.

Be sure to check out Alpha Mom’s 101 Days of Summer Fun series, packed with fantastic ideas.

Really important, lifesaving advice for all women.

Huge sippie cup recall – yikes, check to see if yours are on the list.

Hilarious (and helpful) travel tip with kids via Parenthacks.

Parenting products designed to solve problems we all have.

We’ve tried to stay out of the gorilla debate, but this former zookeeper’s perspective is important. Her suggestion: If your children want to get involved with protecting and understanding animals, visit Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots which we’ve covered in the past.

Whoa…a Julie Andrews series for kids on Netflix? Yes!

Water safety tips for kids: So important.

Great quote about what makes a good blog. We hope we live up to it.


Kids' bedtime truth via


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