Here are some of the links we’ve been reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.

This week, parents let their daughters stay up late to witness history.

One of our favorite mom bloggers explains why she brought her young daughter with her to vote in California.

Female political trailblazers your kids should know, from Jeanette Rankin to Shirley Chisholm to Sandra Day O’Connor.

So many beautiful tributes to Muhammad Ali this week, but we love these reflections from his daughter Hana, about his wonderful views on family. Plus her Instagram feed, including the photo above, is just lovely.

Another day, another mom attacked for breastfeeding in public.

Important reminder that moms don’t have to be perfect.

Funny and true words of wisdom about kids and uh…creativity.

Be sure to check out our Father’s Day gift guide! We’re getting close to the 19th.

This list of of creative, easy DIY Father’s Day gifts helps you save some money – like the free Father’s Day printables from Tiny Me, above.

If he’s into music or movies, check out these awesome audio gift ideas for kids.

12 dads explain the moment they knew they were fathers. Sniff.

A nice reminder not to forget involved stepfathers on Father’s Day.

Dads’ favorite Father’s Day recipes – according to actual dads. Hint hint.


First Grade teacher gets the sweetest gift from her class: A dress they decorated

We are so charmed by the end of year gift made by this teacher’s first grade class. Photo: Sha’Ree Castlebury

Speaking of which, check out these printables that make great last-minute teacher gifts.

The America’s Got Talent video our  kids can’t stop watching.

Love this tech DIY for making your own handbag tassel charger.

If you plan to read more this summer, we’re intrigued by Gretchen Rubin’s 3 book club recos for June.

Could this small change help prevent childhood obesity?

Real Simple puts together 15 pro tips to get organized.


Ooh, great playhouse.

If Disney Princesses sang in their native languages. (What? Jasmine doesn’t speak American English?)

The Kardashians v Project Runway: The most popular reality shows by state.

Big congrats to Malia Obama who graduates high school today. We watched her grow up, and some of us will be teary right along with her parents.

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