Here are some of the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Comic-Con is here, and so are some cool new LEGO Brick-Headz!

Check out the Secret Superhero video from one of our fave kindie bands.

Should you force kids to be tidy?

If so, should you pay kids to do chores or will it make them less likely to help around the house?

If you’re trying to conceive, this fertility device could double your chances.

Wow, an amazing use of Pokemon Go that makes us think about it differently.

7 books you should read with your kids before you see the movies this summer.

Summer reading help for kids: Nice post on the best books for 6th graders from actual 6th graders. And check out these terrific tween adventure books made into movies or 7 children’s books for kids to read before they hit theaters this summer.

Glad to find this great book for talking to kids about politics, from none other than Ken Burns.

Goodbye, VCR! We won’t miss rewinding.

Thanks to Cool Mom Eats for sharing 4 of the best non-dairy ice creams in supermarkets. Especially for Kristen.

13 ways you have to try watermelon this summer. We’re in.



Tuesday Bassen makes awesome pins, patches and accessories! (So awesome, a big retailer is ripping them off - boo!)

Standing in solidarity with indie artist Tuesday Bassen, whose work is being ripped off by a major retailer. (Boo!) But at least they’ve temporarily suspended the sale of the items.  Support her by shopping Tuesday’s awesome pins, patches, illustrations and accessories like the cute pin above. (photo via)

Has anyone not yet watched Michelle Obama in Carpool Karaoke? It’s okay, watch it a third or fourth time — we have.

Then, watch this wonderful Superhumans trailer for the Rio Paralympic Games and be inspired. Big time.

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