Here are some links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Our 2016 Back to School Shopping Guide is live! Get ready for some seriously cool finds for the kids.

If you’re feeling patriotic these days, this baby and kids’ flag tee has a message we love.

Wonder Woman stamps are coming, yes!

What happened when one mom stopped worrying about feeding her picky eater.

Similarly, what happened when Kristen stopped making her daughter clean her room.

Smart ideas from parents to help stop mealtime food battles.

How giving birth has changed decade to decade. Wow.

Lovely account from a mother who raised 12 children.

Really cool iPhone feature you’re probably not using.

Have you visited Cool Mom Eats lately? Each Friday, we’re offering up a weekly meal plan with 5 easy recipes and this week’s looks particularly delicious!



#blackwomendidthat: Informative, inspiring trending topic

#blackwomendidthat: Inspiring, informative, and wonderful. Tweet via @thunder_maker.

Have you seen these creative tattoos from parents honoring their kids? We’ve come a long way from a mere name on a bicep.

If you’re more the temporary tattoo type, check out the Tattly hacks on their blog that let you combine them for really awesome results. (Spoiler: Unicorn!)

So sad to see some of our favorite Sesame Street characters are leaving the show.

We kind of wish we had come up with this genius prank.

10 dessert recipes that are actually good for you.

The right way to bribe your kids to read.

20 innovative companies for kids and parents in 2016.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a huge shout-out to Hillary Clinton, the first woman (and mother and grandmother) presidential candidate of a major party in US history. And, she won’t be the last. Whatever your politics, we have great hopes that this rising tide will lift all boats, and more opportunities will be created for all girls and women.

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