Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too!


Thank you to Laura Begley Bloom of Forbes for this fantastic feature about the start and growth of Cool Mom Picks. We’re honored!

So sad to hear about the passing of one of the comedic greats, and love Gretchen Rubin’s lesson in happiness learned from Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner. ( above image via Getty for ABC News)

The ultimate Labor Day grilling + recipe roundup. Bye summer! Sniff. 

Cannot stop watching this Kenzo perfume video by Spike Jonze. Cannot. Stop.

Another must watch: Kristen’s daughter’s new unicorn rainbow hair! After reading other articles this week we think she started a trend.

Wonderful story about the kindness of strangers, even if that stranger is one of your idols.

Fantastic trick for kids with back to school separation anxiety.

Hilarious reminder to read the fine print when ordering off Amazon — and that if the price of furniture sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because it was made for a doll.

Love this Humans of New York fundraiser to support veterans through the Headstrong Program. And it’s doing great!

At what point are women actually allowed to look their age?

10 tips for raising brave girls.


A nursing bench with built-in changing table in Croatia! Every public park needs one!

How cool is this nursing bench with changing table exclusively for the use of new parents? (photo: Croatia Week)

Kudos to this mom and how she handled a random guy shaming her toddler son who wears a tutu

The design of the new IKEA bag — buh-bye big blue tote.

Ooh, this illustrated biography of Frida Kahlo looks amazing.

This fast-motion video of a woodworker creating a spiral staircase is mesmerizing. Not even kidding.

Free ebooks for NYC subway riders. This is so cool!

A common app with a secret social network (and no privacy settings) that parents definitely should know about.

Great tips for skipping the kids menu in restaurants and still staying on budget.

Planning family travel? Check out Forbes for Liz and Kristen’s 10 top family travel destinations we’ve been ourselves.


New TOMS shoes with a pretty clear message. Matching tote bag too!

The new TOMS Vote shoes and tote bag have a message we can get behind.

17 random moms, who they’ll be voting for and why.

A somber reminder that postpartum depression is serious.

Glad to see one candidate’s comprehensive platform to combat mental illness. We sincerely hope more politicians take this seriously and follow suit.

WOW, find out how your fourth grader can get your whole family free access to National Parks for a year.


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