Here are the links we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


The new LEGO DC superhero girls are here! (But more superheroes of color, please!)

In more LEGO news, how much do we love this LEGO inspired bike helmet?

Why parents humblebrag about our kids: What’s up with that?

A Serial style podcast for middle schoolers. What a smart idea.

Laughing at this “honest birth announcement.”

This 8-year-old is our kind of girl!

How to raise kinder kids, according to science. Great read.

The cool dad award of the week definitely goes to this one! Can we borrow him?

Our kids are going to beg for this hilarious iPhone charger.



Red and black goth manicure for Halloween via PJ Feinstein. Cool!

We are so ready for Halloween! Check out these 15 cute, not-scary Halloween crafts for younger kids.

Ooh, a red and black ombre manicure we love for Halloween (above) via PJ Feinstein.

2 new ways to keep Halloween fun and safe for kids with allergies.

If you’ve gone pumpkin picking yet, check out these 29 Star Wars pumpkin decorating ideas.

But wait! If you’re having a pumpkin carving party, first read these terrific tips to host a pumpkin carving party for kids.

If it’s too early for pumpkins, we’ve got some adorable non-scary Halloween crafts for younger kids.



Cool BB-8 Waffle Maker! Details on

Can we wake up every morning to BB-8 waffles? Please?

How learning with kids can start at the grocery store.

Yikes: Warning for parents not to use homeopathic teething tablets or gels.

Terrific article on motherhood and one of our favorite authors.

A letter that might change the way you see your friends who don’t have kids. Fantastic read.

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