Here are some links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. And….it’s been a tough week. So nothing heavy. Just optimism and fun. We hope you like them too.

Tonight, the premier of the Maya Angelou documentary, Still I Rise.  Here’s where to find tickets.

15 terrific strong girl costume ideas for Halloween. (Add Maya Angelou to the mix, while you’re at it.)

Absolutely love this story: A barber who charges less when kids read aloud to him. Bravo, Alex Fuller!

Whoa — our kids never had a science fair project like what this 12-year-old girl created.

Why a the new Babies Act from President Obama is being cheered by new moms and dads everywhere.

Adam Levine admits he knows nothing about parenting. Welcome to the club, dude.

City of Women: What if all of NYC had streets and subway stops entirely named for women? | From Non-Stop Metropolis, a NYC Atlas

Can’t stop looking at this: Map of New York City if streets and subway stops were named entirely for women. (Cartography: Molly Roy, from Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas)

Now that’s how you do Pride & Prejudice for the 21st century.

Kid President’s History of Awesome Girls’ Rap

A smart tech trend to keep families safer.

44 questions to ask yourself to be a better person — whatever your faith.


Harry Potter makeup brushes from the Geeky Cauldron! Need!

These Harry Potter makeup brushes will definitely not keep our kids out of our stash, but we love them. Will saying Wingardium Leviosa lift our under-eye bags? (Ha.)

More geekery with these covetable Star Wars beds for kids.

Fraggle Rock is coming back!

More fun shows you can watch with your tweens. Yes, in the same room.

The cups you need for your holiday parties. (Well, at least we do.)

Wow, we’ve never seen a superhero depicted like this before.


Disney Princess inspiration: More emphasis on inner good, not outer beauty

Disney Princesses are getting a rebrand focusing on inner good and strength, not outer beauty. (Though their eyes are still ginormous, amirite?) Illustration: Kate Forrester

16 crazy baby names you may be hearing a lot more.

Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize winner.

Funny Halloween Mug by Cool Mom Picks

We turned our funny Halloween meme into a mug which we think works all year long, not just this month. You can order it over at Crowdmade. It holds coffee, tea, even wine. Shhhh.

ZOMG, Cool Mom Eats is featuring insanely delicious caramel apple flavored recipes for fall. We need to eat them all. In the name of comfort food and self-care.

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