Here are some links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Our own Delilah Dawson teamed up with artist Ashley A. Woods to pen the Ladycastle four-comic miniseries, a reinterpretation of Arthurian legend that puts women in charge of the castle. Whoo! We’re thinking great strong girl costume ideas for 2017.

The masks Target won’t sell for Halloween.

Sexy Halloween costumes that make you say, just…no. No way. Not ever.

Did you get yourself this parenting truth mug yet? Because you need it before Halloween!

Awesome homemade Halloween cupcake ideas. (OMG the brains are killing us.)

Pineapple jack-o-lanterns? What?

Social media fans will laugh at these 11 meme inspired Halloween costumes. Angry Michael Phelps, anyone?

Are earbuds causing hearing loss in your kids? A must-read.

100 Years of Women in Congress: 12 inspiring political pioneers to introduce to kids.

Love the women’s suffragette shirts, sweats and onesies from our friend, artist Wendy Piersal.

Check out Little Miss President, where your daughter can share what she’d do if she were POTUS.

How about we stop calling the cops on kids who are playing alone safely, okay?


The new skull design from Mittyz, mittens which keep little hands warm and dry and actually stay on!

Fun: The new skull design from Mittyz mittens for kids, which actually stay on and keep little hands dry and warm.

A few of us are counting the days until the new Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix next month.

Congrats to second-time new mom Kerry Washington!

Interesting take on why daughters might be more financially independent than sons.

Great article on women helping women, featuring Jane Mosbacher Morris of To the Market. (Which we love!)

When to find the last two supermoons of 2016.


New Kickstarter to help the Smithsonian to repair Dorothy's Ruby Slippers!

The Smithsonian has a Kickstarter campaign to repair Dorothy’s ruby slippers with some great rewards. (Oof, they cost more than Louboutins!)

A little moment of zen: A short Billy Bragg & Joe Henry deskside concert in the NPR offices.

Fantastic: Vintage Big Bird explaining breastfeeding to kids.

The flood victims in North Carolina can still use your help. Here’s how.

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