Here are the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


You can preorder the Hamilton Mixtape now now now!

(There’s also a clean version.)

Hear two new songs from it right here.

Leave it to an artist, Daveed Diggs of Hamilton, to cover policy pretty much better than any news channel.

More election news distractions: 8 shows to bingewatch right now. (Well, after the kids are in bed.)

Cool election night party invitations: If you're planning a rowdy party, this Donkey v. Elephant invitation from Paperless Press is fun.

Cool election night evites, because massive election anxiety loves company

Why women are the key to peace in the world.

Rad Women Worldwide: You need to read this now. And so do your kids.

One vote that won’t cause you stress: The winners of the best family friendly albums of the year. Congrats to Frances England’s Explorers of the World!

Kids explain how banned books have not just enriched their lives, they’ve sometimes saved them.

5 cool new TV shows for kids all about STEM

Should you take the kids to see Trolls?


Is instant oatmeal as good for you as steel cut or rolled oats? If you follow these tips, it can be! | Cool Mom Eats

Comfort food alert: How to make instant oatmeal more nutritious.

Still have Halloween candy leftover? We can help.

And then…terrible ideas for leftover Halloween candy. Besides eating it all.

An alarm clock that brews your tea? Uh…

Kids need more sleep! Are they getting it?

Finally, how to cut an onion without crying. We need this.

The funniest things that happened thanks to pregnancy brain. (Been there.)

Silver lining: negative emotions can make you more creative.

Sending love to Michael Bublé, his wife, and especially his son.


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