Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.

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The perfect gift for your socially conscious activist friends with a sense of humor: Handmade protesting elf wooden figurines. We’re in love!

Been to our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide yet? What are you waiting for! We’ve just added even more discount codes.

One of our favorite categories: Empowering gifts for girls who will rule the world one day.

The hot tech holiday gift for kids that you’ll want to steal from them.

Cool Mom Eats holiday guide is live too, with lots of gifts for foodies, cooks + entertaining!

Stacie is sharing a 3 minute (really) appetizer recipe for holiday entertaining that we’re all drooling over!

Obsessed with this shortcut for sending handwritten holiday cards and thank you notes.


Harry Potter Xmas Tree by Kathryn Burnett

You have to see all the images of this Harry Potter Christmas tree from Kathryn Burnett! Wow! (h/t Pop Sugar)

Alternatively, an outrageous Frozen themed Christmas tree.

Kids Night on Broadway tickets going on sale this week! Set your calendar alerts, mamas and score free tickets.

Great new feature: Google maps shows when stores are crowded in real time

Huge kudos to Patagonia for donating all $10mm in Black Friday profits to worthy non-profits.

Everyone’s talking about how to spot fake news. Common Sense media has tips for teaching kids to be media savvy.

When safety regulations jumps the shark: Laughing at these contest winners who wrote safety instructions…for a ball.


Our kids are obsessed with Pen Pineapple Apple Pen — even more so after seeing Elmo and Cookie Monster parody PPAP for Sesame Street Japan. (h/t @GeekTrooper)

A dad recreates the Wonder woman trailer with his daughter and the photos are awesome.

Literary geekery: Science shows why we all love Harry Potter.

The right way to praise your kids, according to science.

A look at upcoming baby names inspired by Star Wars. (No, Jabba does not make the list.)

A dad on why fathers need to be feminists.

December 3 is the United Day of Women. Here’s what that means.

Need to update your playlists but stuck in the past? Check out the 50 best modern songs that sound like the 80s.

Could you pack your entire life into one big suitcase? Compelling read from our friend Ginny Wolf.

LEGO proof slippers! We all need these!

LEGO proof slippers! Finally! (Of course, kids could just clean up their toys…)

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