If you’ve ever struggled with pumping breast milk in a public restroom, or hid in a supply closet or stairwell as a co-worker walked in on you, you know how challenging (and uncomfortable) pumping in the workplace can be. That’s exactly why Naya Health has developed a smart breast pump that’s getting a ton of buzz for revolutionizing every aspect of pumping.

And now, they’re getting a ton of buzz for their hilarious new video.

Here, they answer the hypothetical question that so many breastfeeding women have laughed about to themselves: What if men were the ones who had to breastfeed?

Where’s our breastfeeding woman cave, huh? Where’s our lactation steaks?

Because Naya Health wants to do more than laugh at the issues breastfeeding women face on a daily basis, the husband and wife team behind the company decided to actually do something about it by reinventing the breast pump.

After Janica Alvarez struggled to pump with her three sons, she and her husband, an accomplished medical device engineer, devised the revolutionary Naya Smart Breast Pump. It actually uses water instead of air to create suction, and to make the whole pumping experience more efficient, quieter, comfortable, and way less stressful.

Because, even if you’re not at an office, simply pumping in your own home should be much more comfortable too.

The Naya Smart Breast Pump uses water rather than air to make pumping easy, efficient and comfortable

The Naya Smart Breast Pump is hospital-grade, has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 180 minutes, and uses fewer parts for easier cleaning. The streamlined, lightweight body makes it portable, whether you need to pump at work, while traveling, or a bit of both. Plus, it looks great.

Pair the pump with the Naya companion app, Naya Health Tracker, and you’re even able to track your pumping sessions, record your milk supply, and check your daily and weekly stats at a glance.

And because it’s an approved medical device, you may even be able to use pre-tax FSA or HSA dollars to pay for your pump.

With so many obstacles for breastfeeding moms when it comes to pumping, the Naya Smart Breast Pump is a smart way to help more moms who want to continue nursing when they return to work do just that. At least, until science figures out a way for men to breastfeed too.

This has been a sponsored message from Naya Health. Visit their website for more information on the Naya Smart Breast Pump, and how to order. 

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