Here are some things we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too!


Princess Leia Gingerbread Cookies! Total win from the always brilliant Just Jenn (and one of our favorite geeky Twitter follows) for the Star Wars blog.

Gifts that give back: The HSTRY Black Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater designed by Nas is donating proceeds to prison reform.

(And it’s definitely cooler than the Royal Family’s Christmas sweaters. Eek!)

Be sure to check out the brand new 2016 Cool Mom Tech holiday gift guide, and a chance to win your own iPad Air!

Terrific ideas for 15 cool custom photo gifts for the holidays — hurry, you have to order soon!

Game of Phones: Awesome gift idea for teens and college students


If you’ve got older kids, check out these 20 gift ideas for teens and college students from our friends at Grown and Flown. Laughing so hard at this Game of Phones!

Great post on 15 fierce books about fearless females, by fearless females.

Similarly, check out these ideas for empowering gifts for girls who are going to run the world one day.

Lovely video: 7 dads write affirmations to their daughters. Grab tissues.

Yay, Kate McKinnon is getting her own movie!

Despite its cancellation, our readers are imploring us to check out the Good Girls Revolt series streaming on Amazon. Have you seen it?

The internet rallies around a mom who didn’t sell anything at a local craft fair. Sniff.

The holiday recipe that may finally convince us to get an Instant Pot.

17 irreverent stocking stuffers: Bah Humbug candle by Frostbeard Studios will make your Scrooge smile.

17 irreverent stocking stuffers for friends and family with a sense of humor like this candle from Frostbeard Studio.

One more! Check out the The naughty list notebook at the Whitney Museum shop.

And then, 16 food-themed stocking stuffers for gourmets, cooks…or just fans of eating.

Kudos to Massachusetts Rep Katherine M Clarke for introducing groundbreaking postpartum depression legislation in congress. 

Another round of applause to IKEA for announcing their huge new paid parenting leave benefits starting Jan 1.

How to handle maternity leave if you’re an entrepreneur.

What if men could breastfeed? This video will have you in tears. Good tears. Laughing hysterically tears, like the emoji.

Maybe our babies should stick with wooden teething rings? Yikes.

Jess Weiner with tips on talking to kids about bullying and kindness, and why it’s more important than ever right now.

A big shout-out from all of us to a truly wonderful small biz run by wonderful people and beloved by our children — and they really needs some extra support this year. Here’s how you can help support the good people of Comet Ping Pong & Pizza.


Genius: Hamildoph: An American Christmas Story. Because, 2016!

Nice little Dan Zanes op-ed on the influence of Folkways albums.  (h/t Stefan Shepherd)

And finally, congrats to all of the AMAZING 2017 Grammy Nominees for Best Children’s Album — all artists we love! Be sure to learn more about Frances England (Explorer of the World), Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo (Infinity Plus One), Recess Monkey (Novelties), Brady Rhymer (Press Play), and the Okee Dokee Brothers (Saddle Up) who all make the kind of family-friendly music we love listening to right along with our kids.

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