Here are some links to what we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


17 inspirational quotes to help you rock 2017, via Mom Spark.

Laughing so hard at this satirical trailer for 2016: The Movie.

Books that inspire young readers to be activists.

We want to raise all our sons to be like this one. Sniff.

The 100 trendiest baby names of all time. The reason behind #1 is pretty fascinating.

The big parenting trend of 2016 is one we can relate to for sure.

7 female trailblazers of 2017.

16 women of color who made history in 2016 and are worth getting to know if you don’t already.

Female characters who conquered pop culture in 2016.


New peanut allergy guidelines have been released -- and they're a major departure from the old ones | Cool Mom Eats

Whoa: Major new guidelines about introducing peanuts to kids…earlier. All the details on Cool Mom Eats.

Apps to make life easier for divorced and separated parents.

The new 18-year-old uncle everyone is buzzing about.

Writer Alisha Acquaye on her year of reading books by black women. Outstanding. (And great suggestions for your own reading list this year.)

The trailer for the documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. [insert bawling emoji here]

On women’s “invisible workload.” Sound familiar? Good quotes from our friend Ellen Seidman.

Exquisite, difficult post on adopting a foster child by Kim Foster.  (h/t Jess Shyba)

Why clutter can be a good thing.

We just found tons of trendy winter boots for kids on sale right now. Shop! Save!

Ha, LEGO Dad nails the truth about babies using minifigs.


A possible issue with Charter schools that no one’s talking about.


How much do we need these unicorn macarons? (Answer: a whole lot.) Photo: Mac Lab Bakery (@mac_lab) on Instagram who you clearly need to follow immediately.

Check out The Atlantic’s The Ambition Interviews: 7 fascinating stories about women’s careers after college. This article on Having it All will resonate with a whole lot of moms.

What teens want from their parents. Who knew.

5 simple tips for being a more confident parent.

The leggings our toddlers definitely don’t need. Geez.

Loving Notes for Life, a free after school program to combine music education with technology. Launches in NYC next week, but maybe you can get it in your community?

Fun event for NYC families with older kids this weekend: Billy Kelly’s “offensively clean” family comedy performance at the P.I.T.

Lots of women attending the Women’s March on Washington 1/21. Find updates through that link. And if you want to keep warm, we love these pink hats which each support a great cause from the ACLU to the Human Rights Campaign, but hurry!

The Merriam-Webster word of the year. Yep, we agree. And the Oxford Dictionary word of the year fits right in. Also check out runners up including Latinx, woke, and adulting.

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