Here’s what we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


President Obama still has a lot of letters from kids to answer.

A look at some of the President’s sweetest photos with kids. Top photo via White House on Flickr.
(And yeah, we’re kind of weepy looking at them all. Let’s hear it for cool dads.)

The most beautiful letter from Barbara and Jenna Hager Bush to Sasha and Malia Obama. (Let’s hear it for girls supporting girls!)

Octavia Spencer wins Amazing Person of the Week.

How you can help send more girls to see Hidden Figures.

Rethinking the word tolerance: Terrific essay.

We’re big fans of National Book Award winner March by Rep John Lewis, but here are 10 other graphic novels that also confront prejudice.


Ronja: The new Studio Ghibli series starring Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson + Studio Ghibli in one TV series? We’re in!

A big mistake you’re making at Trader Joe’s, and how to fix it.

Fun new series on Cool Mom Eats:We’re testing cooking hacks to see if they really work.

The coolest new tech for parents at CES 2017. Would you use it?

10 simple things to knock off your tech to-do list right now.

Did you catch Kristen’s FB Live interview with amazing kid inventors? So inspiring!

How to model love for your kids.

Hundreds of moms’ own tips on how to be a good parent.

A photo series of a dude wearing ugly sweaters that will make your day.

RIP California’s infamous Tunnel Tree.

The immaculate conception…of a shark?

Whoa, Star Wars fans: The first look at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

A dad’s wonderful view of parenting…from the bathroom floor.

Interesting infographic: What country’s manners do your own habits best reflect?

We need more vending machines like this!

The big parenting debate of the week: Is it good that Ringling Brothers Circus is closing?

Congrats to our friends at Cafe Mom for their clean new redesign!

My Knight and Me looks like a cute new Cartoon Network show for the kids about a squire, a knight and a rebel princess.

Betty White Pop Art from IndyD on Etsy

And huge happy 95th birthday to Betty White who talks about the secret to a long happy life with Katie Couric. We’re all in. Betty White Pop Art here available from IndyD on Etsy.

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