Here are some of the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too!


Love these enamel self-care pins on sale from Alex Elle. Great self-care gift for yourself or a young woman in your life.

A sad goodbye to an icon: Mary Tyler Moore’s best quotes on comedy and life.

Our response to readers and social media fans who’ve written to us about politics and whether we should discuss them here. (And thanks for all your thoughtful comments in response!)

Speaking of which, are you feeling political outrage burnout? Good article on how to stay outraged without losing your mind.

These cancer patients show the meaning of commitment to a cause. (Have tissues ready.)

Yes it’s subjective, but these 25 mood boosting songs include some good playlist additions.

6 ways to help your kids avoid the “Photoshop effect” and unrealistic body image.

Why one mom doesn’t want her daughter watching the red carpet arrivals anymore.

The official AAP statement on protecting immigrant children.

Kudos to Al Gore for organizing a strategic climate change retreat next month. (Our kids and future grandkids thank him, too.)

Among the 2017 ALA medal winners are The Girl Who Drank The Moon and Radiant Child.

Yay for the 2017 Newbery, Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, and other ALA award winners! Take a look and get ready to stock your bookshelves or visit your local library.

The girl power comic, Ladycastle, from our own Delilah S Dawson is out this week!

Glad to see more diversity in the 2017 Oscar nominees.

Nice interview with Kristen about Cool Mom Tech, new tech products we’re excited about, and our secret, rigorous, patent-pending product testing process.

Uh…a taco cleanse diet?

Maybe Gwyneth needs to stop giving sex advice.

11 kick-ass moms on TV right now. (But uh…only 11?)

Where were these freebies when we were having babies!? Awesome.


Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan including these skillet pork chops from Brooklyn Supper

Are you following the Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan posts? Make your life easier. And more delicious with family-friendly suggestions like these Skillet Pork Chops with Savory Pear Sauce from Brooklyn Supper.

(And psst… subscribe to the Cool Mom Eats newsletter and have a new weekly meal plan delivered right to your inbox each week.)

Whoa: would you use this portable baby changing table? Strong opinions on our Facebook page.

The perfect Valentine’s gift for a Star Wars fan.

Smart new site for parents struggling with infertility: Pregnantish.

Check out this GoFundMe to help provide free books to young women in need.

Fans of Elizabeth Mitchell will love the new album for download, Cardinal, Cardinal from Music by Gina.

Why we shouldn’t tell our kids we’re bad at math.

Funny piece with suggestions for the upcoming Devil Wears Prada musical.

IMPORTANT PSA: You only have a few more days to sign up for health care through the ACA! Visit right away to sign up and to see if you qualify for discounts and tax breaks. Enrollment ends 1/31.


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