Here are some links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Love the Feb 6 New Yorker magazine cover…and the story behind the artist, Abigail Gray Swartz.

How to argue intelligently and criticize with kindness. Know anyone who could use this?

5 ways to make Facebook fun again. We needed this!

The things that change when you become a parent. (Like, not knowing any of the Oscar nominees. Ahem.)

Can’t stop watching: 1000 musicians perform Smells Like Teen Spirit. Together.

For the word nerds: Merriam-Webster + the ACLU debate the spelling of whoa. (Or is it woah?)

23 hilarious parenting tweets. (Also, if you’re not following @XplodingUnicorn, A.K.A. James Brakewell, get on it.)

First photos of the upcoming all-female Oceans 8.  What a cast!

Love this video of a toddler girl whacking a baseball like a boss.

A mom photographs her own birth WHAT?


via illustrator Mari Andrew: Things you can do at the same time

Wise words from writer/illustrator Mari Andrew.

Our own Delilah S. Dawson on why women should be writing more fantasy novels.

3 little girls in Hidden Figures cosplay via Taraji P Henson. Fabulous!

Cheering these 10 US companies with fantastic parental leave policies including the newest…Etsy.


Printable cards to help kids write letters to elected leaders at AlphaMom

Download these fantastic printable cards at Alpha Mom to help kids write letters to the President and other elected officials. Also, check out our post on why writing to the President is an important American tradition for kids.

Parents of kids will allergies: Check out these allergy-friendly Valentine’s Day candy ideas.

Immune-boosting superfoods perfect for cold season.

3 great meditation apps to help you keep your chill.

When you just need to laugh: Blogger Whit Honea + Star Wars + Instagram = perfection.

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