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On this week’s Spawned: Genius tips for raising kids to be better with money, from financial expert Beth Kobliner — including answers to our own listeners’ many questions about allowances.

Valentine’s Day sneak up on you? We’ve got loads of Valentine’s Day gift ideas in our 2017 gift guide!

Awesome ideas for Valentine’s Day treats for kids

If you need to laugh, check out these 12 hilarious Valentine’s Day cards, like the Hamilton King George III Valentines Day card above from Jamie Fevre.

Printable Valentine’s Day cards for Minecraft fans.

Recovering from a snow day this week? More to come! Make it more fun with this great recipe for snow ice cream.

20 indoor snow day activities to help keep you sane

8 outrageously cool paper snowflake patterns.


Free printable Alice In Wonderland coloring page via Rosenbach #colorourcollections

Today’s the last day to download dozens of free coloring pages for kids from libraries and museums around the world.

Love this gang of graffiti grandparents!

How Seattle librarians are fighting back against fake news to keep students smarter.

Hey! Kristen’s confession made the Top 10 Parenting Fails on the Parent Normal Podcast along with journalist Dave Barry and NPR podcast host Hillary Frank; and Liz’s confession made the Top 20 Parenting Fails, with company like Ilana Wiles of  Mommy Shorts, comedian Nick Thune, and Greg Page of The Wiggles. Take a listen.

Own a VIZIO TV? What you need to know about the VIZIO privacy breach — eep.

Can Kon Mari help you organize your tech?



Black History Month books to inspire empathy in kids of all ages, via City Dads Group

Great Black History Month reading to help inspire empathy in kids as young as 6.

Worth a look: Savannah Guthrie’s new children’s book: Princesses Wear Pants

Terrific list of books featuring Black pioneers your kids may not know.

Learning more about Civil rights leader Ella Baker.


Olympic Fencing Medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad

Remember the amazing U.S. Olympian fencing medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad? (Our kids adore her!) Not happy about what happened to her this week at an airport.

More from her in an interview with Pop Sugar at the MAKERS conference with Gabby Douglas and Luvvie Ajai.  Photo via Ibtihaj’s online store, Louella Shop

Wow, blown away by what some high school students are doing for flood victims.

Why self-care helps you be a better parent.

The 8 biggest baby naming mistakes.

Are first-born children smarter than their siblings? Hmm…

Bill Nye is back! Whoo!

ZOMG: A daycare worker breastfeeds another mom’s baby.

Fortune’s 2017 Most Powerful Women List. Won’t it be great to get to the point that we can’t count? Also…how the heck is #51 only 51?? Not right.

Love these gorgeous tech accessories for Valentine’s Day.

Oooh, awesome Apple Watch sale at Target!


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