Here are some links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Lots of 2017 Oscar Party ideas including the requisite free printable ballot for the 2017 nominees from Studio DIY (above).

11 more fun Oscar party ideas, from printables to decor and snack ideas to the world’s coolest celeb paper dolls.

Mmm…Oscar party food ideas.

A list of all the Oscars presenters this year.

Where to stream all the 2017 Oscar Best Picture Nominees since you know. We’re parents and we’ve seen nothing.

Praise for the diversity of Oscar nominees this year from a celeb we love.

Just for fun: 12 classic films that we can’t believe never won an Oscar. (Psycho? Really??)

5 fab Oscar party cocktails to sip at your party — or you know, just while the kids sleep.


Oscar Party French Pear Martini Cocktail | Style Me Pretty

 French Pear Martini at Style Me Pretty

When the Oscars are over and it’s back to packing lunches, we’ve got the best ever help for picky eaters. (Spoiler: It might not be them, it might be you.)

When did having a baby in your 20s become “crazy?”

How to tell which parenting evidence is actually based on evidence, not opinion.

10 things working mothers should never apologize for.

Why you should spring clean your phone, stat. (Not for the squeamish.)

A female action figure with an extra special power.

More Love: Free downloadable postcard for writing your elected officials | By Rebecca Atwood for Design Crush

At Design Crush, 24 artist-created printable postcards of all kinds for writing your elected officials.  Designers we love who participated include Emily McDowell, Lisa Congdon, Jaime Derringer and more! (Above: Love postcard from Rebecca Atwood.)

Why art — and art funding — matters to America.

The possible Harry Potter reference in the new Beauty and the Beast movie that everyone is buzzing about.

Good list of historical fiction audiobooks.

For the kids: 10 great picture books for military families.

This chiropractor should stick with backs and STAY OUT OF WOMEN’S BODIES, YO. Creepy!

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