Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


If you can’t have lips like Beyoncé, how about Beyoncé lips? Follow Jazmina Dial for mindblowing makeup art and tutorials! (Her galaxy lip art video on YouTube is insane.)

Sweet ideas for keepsake gifts for adoptive parents.

The household hack we’ve been waiting for our whole lives!

When voicemail transcription gets your kid’s name…very very wrong.

Hilarious video guide to sex during pregnancy. Or lack thereof.

The viral mom-shaming post…that turned out to be a fraud.

Interesting take on the Oscars Best Picture fiasco: Blame typography.

If you fell in love with Fences, check out the August Wilson documentary on PBS.

Fantastic photos of a little girl recreating historic black women from Bessie Coleman to Misty Copeland.

The Moonlight acceptance speech Barry Jenkins should have been able to give

Realizing dreams you never allowed yourself to have… The Moonlight best picture acceptance speech that Barry Jenkins should have been able to give. In full. (And can we say just one more time? Go. See. It.)

Love this empowering ad for girls!

Women heroes of science emoji!

From the “duh” files: Studies show women are more stressed than men.

In the beginning there was a child who contained all the world’s joy… gorgeous post from Sarah Piazza about new motherhood.

A real mom’s guide to putting a child to bed…in 34 simple steps.

Kudos to Stephanie Johnson, Delta’s first black female captain. But wow, how is this just happening now?

Very intense podcast episode from the women of Parenting Bytes. Oof.

Must-read article from Dani McClain: What it’s like to be black and pregnant and how it’s different from being white and pregnant.

Handmade infinity scarves from Little Minnow Designs on Etsy

Love discovering the handmade scarves from Austin Etsy shop Little Minnow Designs. Perfect for spring! (h/t Dan Rather. Long story.)

Why OBs are now waiting longer to cut the umbilical cord after childbirth.

The panda video our kids can’t stop watching! (Okay, we can’t either.)

What if animals made album covers? Ha!

Aw, NYC’s infamous Hipster Cop retires.

Need more terrific reading when you’re done with all these links? Check out Elan Morgan’s weekly Five-Star Mix Tape, which rounds up superior, well-written articles and blog posts from all kinds of genres. You can even submit your own idea.

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