I’ve had a thing for layering multiple bracelets for a while now, which has slowly replaced my former compulsion to wear massive cocktail rings all the time.

I will say it’s a little easier to put on gloves in cold weather, ha.

If you’ve been stuck in a jewelry rut, it’s such an easy, fun way to jazz up even jeans and a t-shirt or make a stuffy black dress a little more contemporary. When I’m running out the door, I just grab four or five bracelets, like the ones here and suddenly I feel “dressed.”


Layering bracelets: How to do it and where to find these amazing ones! | cool mom picks

Since people are always asking me where I get my bracelets — like any time they make an appearance on the Cool Mom Picks Instagram feed —  I figured I’d share all my sources with you here.

I don’t even mind if you buy the same ones.

Hayden-Harnett cuff bracelets: Celina in black

Hayden-Harnett Cuff Bracelet

While these thick leather cuffs embellished with metal studs or other accents retailed for lots of moneys (as my kids would say), I scored a bunch on super sale. See – that’s why you have to keep up with Cool Mom Picks every day! We’ll let you know about that stuff.

Now, the cuffs are staples for me. I love having one thick bracelet to anchor all the thinner pieces; and because it clasps watchband-style, it provides a bit of a base for other smaller bracelets, so they won’t ride up to my elbow.

Just know that (sniff) the once indie Brooklyn brand has been licensed by another company and is making some changes so you can’t find it from them anymore. However the Tory Burch for Fitbit Double wrap Bracelet happens to give you the exact same effect.


Spikey Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster Bracelet | How to layer multiple bracelets

Spikey Renegade Cluster Bracelet from Stella & Dot

Of course the one bracelet I always get the most compliments on is not the most expensive

I love the spikes on this Stella & Dot bracelet, which help give some edge to other, daintier, bracelets on my wrist and just create a more interesting collection of bracelets overall. Plus, the bracelet has been updated since I first got mine with three of those fun little pavé balls now, instead of one.

I will say that while a lot of gold-plate bracelets tend to look fairly worn after a while, I’ve been impressed with how well this one has held up after a good year-and-a-half of wearing. Not bad for $59.

And hey! Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry own one too. Who knew?



Miskhy woven beaded bracelets support work-at-home moms in Columbia

Mishky Woven Bracelet

My adjustable little beaded bracelet is special to me for two reasons: First because Kristen gave it to me as a gift. (Isn’t she the best?) Also, because it’s entirely handmade by low-income mothers in Columbia, through a company that’s dedicated to employing them to work at home. That way they can learn a trade, earn a living, and still spend more time with their children.

Fantastic, right?

There are a ton of styles of bracelets on the site and they’re very affordable. The one I own doesn’t seem available anymore but this Woman Pearl Brown Bracelet is close in terms of color.

Plus, it’s helping me get over my “don’t mix gold with silver” fears, which my fashionista friends assure me are completely unfounded these days.

If you want to splurge a bit on something similar, you can also check out the gorgeous handmade leather and beaded bracelets from Etkie which are all produced by Native American artisans using traditional patterns and techniques.


Iwona Ludyga beaded bracelet | wearing layered bracelets | coolmompicks.com

Iwona Ludyga handmade glass beaded bracelet (shown here in Hunter, but you can order in Noir)

So this one is the teeniest and spendiest bracelet on my wrist, but with the best story.

I first spotted it in the marketplace when I attended Martha Stewart American Made conference this past year. It was one of those situations where I saw another woman pick up the shimmery bracelet first to look at it — then it caught the light and I knew I had to have it.

Turns out that woman was Martha Stewart.

(Which I swear I didn’t even realize until I had the bracelet on. Duh.)

It’s just so dazzling in person, with glistening crystal roundels alternating with black glass beads and those petite gold-filled beads, all around a black silk thread. Worn alone, it’s really delicate and lovely and gets plenty of attention with just one big, cool ring. But adding it to my wrist full of bracelets, I think it brings some femininity to balance the chunkier pieces.

I happen to adore everything at Iwona’s site by the way. And I’ve got my eye on that silver spikes bracelet next. Ooooh….

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