Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Girl Scouts dressed as their favorite female heroes, from Amelia Earhart to Vera Wang to Condoleeza Rice. Above: 5-year-olds Bella, Troy and Sidney as the trio of NASA heroes from Hidden Figures. You have to see them all — they’re amazing! (Photo: Tricia Messeroux from Toddlewood for Girl Scouts USA)

We’re all cheering for the newest muppet on Sesame Street!

Also cheering for this unanimous Supreme Court ruling that expands rights for special education students.

The most hilarious fake reviews of those clear-knee “mom jeans.”

Totally non-scammy way to find out if you have unclaimed funds somewhere.

The newest food trend your kids will want: Mermaid toast.

One of our favorite foodie moms shares the best restaurants for kids in L.A.

A day spa for babies. Because…why?

Important questions to ask before buying a smart toy for your kids to keep you all safe.

Great political apps that make it easy to get involved + have your voice heard | via cool mom tech

Political apps to that make it easy to have your voice heard. (because signing petitions is useless).

Love this 11 year old who started a very special book club.

The teen we all hope we have one day. Great story.

Wow,  powerful video and photo project bringing to life the media bias against boys of color. And it’s joyful.

Cool artwork: The floor plans of homes in LaLa Land, Fences, Stranger Things and more.

Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. Doolittle! We’re here for that.

Also here for this actress to be the next Marvel superhero.

11 women who did groundbreaking things that men got credit for, from inventing Monopoly to discovering nuclear fission.

Hilarious: A mom tracks all the reasons her toddler cried in one day.

New children’s book about Louis Braille that looks fantastic.

The incredible teen with Down Syndrome who addressed the U.N. in Geneva.

Congrats to our own Delilah S Dawson (aka Lila Bowen) for the phenomenal reviews of her supernatural western fantasy novel, Wake of Vultures. Whoo!

Why commas matter. Yikes!

One amazing thing the top high school science students have in common.

Loving Karen Walrond’s weekly #over40 selfie campaign.

Yay for awesome parents looking out for other parents.

So important: There’s a crisis of missing black girls. Why isn’t it getting more attention?


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