Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


Passover starts Monday night and a few of us will be jazzing up our seder with the Hamilton Haggadah! (Hamgadah? Chamilton?)

A printable Haggadah made just for kids.

5 favorite Passover dessert recipes to enjoy any day of the year.

Forget gingerbread…how about decorating a Passover Matzoh house?

10 fun and super easy Easter crafts using stuff you already have around the house

Smiling at these 10 celebrity parents on Instagram who aren’t afraid to get real about parenting.

Need to laugh? Uber + breastfeeding = Buber.

Some new research is making older moms feel pretty good.

CDC:  Vaccinations are significantly reducing the risk of dying from the flu.

Need a Pinterest alternative for saving favorites on the web? Here’s a great one.

Smart tips for eating healthy on a family budget.

Richard Branson on the power of thinking like a toddler.

Meet this year’s top cookie-selling Girl Scout.

Bad news for fans of female superheroes. (Grrrrr….)

Holly Robinson Peete's bracelet for Stella & Dot donations 100% to her foundation for Autism Awareness Month

Love the Stella & Dot bracelet collection created by Holly Robinson Peete for Autism Awareness Month. 100% of the proceeds support families via the HollyRod Foundation through the end of April.

Great read: Brittany Packnett on why the fight for equal pay has to be more inclusive.

Bravo to these high school journalists who took down a fraudulent principal!

On the other hand, this high school principal is awesome!

Super cool interactive map of librarians’ favorite books around the world. (h/t Nicole Blades)

Absolutely lovely, inspiring letters from American children to Syrian refugees with the help of the IRC. Worth a read.

Just a final note to say we’ve been so heartbroken over the news out of Syria this week, and we know a lot of you have too. We hope you’ll take a moment to check out this list of more than 20 organizations helping in Syria, and seeing which one speaks to you. Even a small donation can go a long way in the life of a child or family in need.


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