You have to watch this video tribute to Carrie Fisher from the Star Wars Celebration. RIP, General.

April the Giraffe gives birth, internet gets happy. And snarky.

Guess which major paper now is the first to have women covering every sports beat?

Congrats to Malala Yousafzai, the UN’s youngest ever Messenger of Peace.

Lovely post about a new way to look at giving birth.

A new favorite Etsy shop supporting empowered women!

A great way to celebrate Mother’s Day: The March for Moms in DC, to help advocate for maternal health issues around the world.

A statistical analysis from fivethirtyeight about the frightening impact on women’s health care based on recent legislation.

Marie Kondo is out with a new book and it’s a bit…unexpected.

Wow, check out this nurse’s dry erase board artwork to cheer up children’s hospitals.

Our new favorite brunch recipe. ZOMG.

Finally a way to recycle your old car seat!

The winner of the annual Peeps diorama contest: Whoa! (And the runners-up are all pretty awesome too.)

5 great recipes for leftover Easter eggs.

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Research shows men are not taught to apologize. Surprise?

Find inspiration in this fantastic bucket list from one mom.

How screen time is affecting toddlers’ sleep habits.

8 practical tips for parents to support children’s emotional well-being.

Here’s to Chrissy Teigen for speaking out about PPD.

Speaking of which, love these must-follow celebrity parents on Instagram who keep it real.




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