You all know what fans we are of gifts that give back, especially this time of year. And of course, we can never say no to fab jewelry gifts. (Hint to the SigOths and children, ahem.) So we are thrilled to welcome our sponsor, Guilded Grey, which makes stylish, vintage-inspired jewelry that’s so wearable, you can find something in the shop for any mom in your life.

In fact, we’ve included them in our Mother’s Day gift guides in the past, that’s how much we love them!

Most of the collection includes one-of-a-kind, handmade layered necklaces, all crafted from vintage chains, charms, crystals, and gemstones — a style that is right up my alley. Wow.

And so I put together some of my favorite jewelry gift ideas for all kind of mothers and grandmothers, to help you get a head start on Mother’s Day gifts. (And uh, avoid that last-minute rush.)

But what’s extra exciting is that Guilded Grey has worked with us to put together an exclusive offer just for our readers:

We’re so in love with the Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings, they’re offering them at just $32 (regularly $62!) for a limited time.

PLUS we get to donate $10 for every pair sold to our friends at the GOOD+ Foundation. (Formerly known as Baby Buggy.)

Mother's Day jewelry that gives back: Guilded Grey Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings: Each pair helps support new parents through the GOOD+ foundation

They come in four different colors, but I own this gold/black pair myself and they’re absolutely lovely.

Plus, I can’t think of a better Mother’s Day gift right now than one that helps U.S. parents in need, to keep more babies and young children healthy and safe.

But since a woman can’t live on Swarovski crystal earrings alone, I’ve put together a few other faves from the site that I think the moms in your life will love too.


Fabulous Mother's Day jewelry ideas from Guilded Grey, including one amazing option that gives back beautifully

For your cool mom bestie: Kennedy Bracelet

She’s the mom on the playground who’s always asked, “Ooh…where did you get that?!” Love the effortless style of this layered bracelet. It’s got just enough sparkle to stand out without being flashy.


Mother's Day Jewelry: One of a kind paris heart necklace from Guilded Grey

For the mom with the biggest heart: One-of-a-kind Paris Heart Necklace Set

This one’s a splurge, but wow. This is one to go in on with all the kids or grandkids.

I am completely smitten with this spectacular handmade necklace made from mixed chains, crystals, Swarovski pearls, and a lovingly aged, vintage brass heart pendant that once hung in the rafters of a French church. It’s actually a three-piece set so you can wear each piece individually — but I think it’s pretty incredible as a statement piece all together.

(Just note that like other one-of-a-kind pieces on Guilded Grey, when it’s sold…it’s sold! So if you love it like I do, grab it while you can. And then I can be jealous.)


Mother's Day jewelry: Gorgeous one-of-kind necklace from Guilded Grey

For the mom with Jackie O circa 2017 style: The Cora Necklace

If a strand of pearls is too simple for her neckline but she loves the sentiment, check out this funky update made from multiple vintage strands that mix crystals, metals, and semi-precious beads elegantly. I own a similar style and it’s my go-with-anything necklace that I always pack for travel.


Mother's Day jewelry ideas: Handmade Peyton charm earrings from Guilded Grey

For the urban bohemian mom: Peyton Charm Hoop Earrings

The charm trend isn’t showing any signs of going away, and I adore how several of them look in a cluster, dangling from a delicate hoop. While it’s based on vintage charm style, this is a look I’m seeing all over the streets of NYC these days making it both trendy and timeless.


Mother's Day Jewelry: One of a kind layered Giada necklace from Guilded Grey

For the mom who’d rather be combing the flea markets in Europe: Giada Necklace

This is one of the more affordable one-of-a-kind necklaces on their site, and I am so taken with the combo of chunky chains, delicate crystals, and vintage charms. Pair with a maxi-dress or flowy skirt. Amazing.


Swarovski drop earrings: Gorgeous, affordable Mother's Day gift from Guilded Grey, with a portion of every purchase supporting the GOOD+ foundation for new parents in need

For the mom who’s wholly embracing spring: Blue-Green Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

While the black-and-gold Swarovski crystal drops at top are my own cup of tea, I know plenty of women who would adore the small pop of pretty color offered by these Swarovski opal drop earrings.

If they look familiar, that’s because they’ve been seen right here on Cool Mom Picks in the past, along with The View, ELLE, and Rachel Zoe’s The Zoe Report.

Special offer for our readers: Buy these earrings now in one of four color combos for just $32 (nearly 50% off!) PLUS, $10 from every purchase will be donated to the GOOD+ Foundation to support new parents in need, to help keep babies safe and healthy.


Mother's Day jewelry: Brooklyn earrings from Guilded Grey

For the stylish t-shirt and jeans mom: Brooklyn Earrings

We always say if you just take a moment to put on a pair of earrings that go beyond basic everyday studs, even a jeans-and-t-shirt uniform takes on a chic vibe that looks fabulous anywhere you go. In other words, for those low-maintenance mamas who don’t want to leave style behind when walking out the front door, this is a fabulous, affordable Mother’s Day jewelry idea.

(And no, I’m not biased just because they’re named for my home borough. Well…maybe a little.)


Mother's Day jewelry: The modern, layered Cara Bracelet from Guilded Grey

For the mom who’s all about high style, low-fuss: The Cara Bracelet

This is a simple stunner that gives you that modern, multi-layered wrap bracelet look we’re always sporting…without having to actually cobble together a collection of them yourself. Plus it goes with absolutely everything.



Guilded Grey Swarovski drop earrings are classic, gorgeous, and affordable for Mother's Day

For your stepmom, mother-in-law, grandmother or other favorite mother in your life: Hannah Earrings

Whether you’re shopping for your grandmother, your best mom friend, or maybe dropping hints for yourself, don’t miss the chicly classic look of these antique silver-plated earrings, set with a pair of shimmering clear crystals. They’ll easily become her newest go-to earrings for every outfit in her wardrobe. Plus, she gets to think of you every time she wears them.

Now that’s beautiful.


Thanks so much to our sponsor Guilded Grey, making just beautiful handmade jewelry to suit every cool mom in our lives. And an extra special thanks to them for helping us to support one of our favorite charities with your purchase of their Swarovski crystal drop earrings (along with the big discount!) so your Mother’s Day gift can make a difference in the lives of U.S. families and children in need.


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