Here are a few things we’ve been reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


18 Mother’s Day cards that totally crack us up, including this all-purpose apology card from the always hilarious Emily McDowell.

Have you been checking out our fantastic 2017 Mother’s Day gift guide yet? Do it!

Must see: 13 fantastic Mother’s Day gifts under $20 that don’t feel cheap at all.

Fab homemade Mother’s Day food gift ideas.

Sweet Mother’s day gifts: Floral tech cases

Important video on why you need a social media policy for your sitter or caregiver.

Blown away by what this 5th grader is doing to change the world!

Are your kids begging for one of these? Yep, ours too.


Laurie Berkner on Spawned podcast, with tips on kids who have outgrown little kid music

The latest Spawned episode features the one and only Laurie Berkner! You won’t want to miss this one.

And if you missed the last episode: We share our very favorite beauty saves and splurges — and laugh. A lot.

Kristen joins Little Things and actually crafts something!

Sweet story of what one family did for their son with Autism.

5 reasons maybe you don’t have to stress about kids and social media.

A story of online mom bullying that makes us want to scream.

The first Korean-American doll from American Girl

American Girl’s first Korean-American doll: We know Kate is excited! See the full scoop here.  (Photo via American Girl)

The $.99 handbag someone wants to sell to you for $2100. Uh…

A fitness class made for tired moms: NO EXERCISE. (Seriously.)

When body positivity campaigns get co-opted by brands and make you roll your eyes.

Love this: Kristen Davis on the amazing work of women refugees 

On the importance of becoming storytellers. (Yes, you!)

One summer camp not for our kids — but we’d go!

The letter we wish all of our kids would give us at their high school graduations. Sniff.


Worth sharing with your kids to start a science discussion: The best signs from the climate march. (And how can we not love this one here via Tim Murphy. Humor is powerful!)


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