Here are some links we’ve been reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.


The ultimate guide to last minute Mother’s Day gifts. Don’t forget your mom, stepmom, mother-in-law, grandmother — we’ve got you covered! Even if you’ve been…busy. (We get it.)

Whatever you get for Mother’s Day, it can’t be as bad as these terrible Mother’s Day gifts! (Seriously…a discount bikini wax package?)

75 of the best Mother’s Day recipes from brunch to dinner to dessert. If you’re a mom, well hopefully someone else will be making them for you.

A Mother’s Day gift we’d happily accept: A Wonder Woman Movie Amazon Princess Handbag (above). As in, Amazon the river not the online shopping mall.

On this week’s Mom Hour podcast, so happy to join other bloggers + podcasters to read encouraging letters from BTDT moms to new moms. Great episode!

6 celeb moms on the moment they realized they had become their own mothers.

If you’re not a mom yourself (or know someone who is childfree by choice), lovely post on 12 inspiring non-moms 

And if you’re missing your own mom, we know this week can be tough for you. We hope these lovely ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day when your mom is gone are helpful.


Bruno Mars video Mother's Day parody from My Life Suckers: Hilarious!

A hilarious Mother’s Day parody of Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like. #NailedIt

Wonderful video honoring modern day Rosie the Riveters.

This one’s for you, Anne of Green Gables fans!

Why reading aloud to kids matters.

Wow: Gorgeous rainbow babies who are actually biracial twins.

Excited about this fun new new father-son educational audio series from our friend, author and humorist Neal Pollack.

Ooh, the Cars 3 trailer is out.

Congrats to our friend Amy of Living Locurto on her sweet new blog redesign.

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