Here are some of the coolest things around the web this week, Start of Summer Edition. We hope you like them too.  

You have to see this video: Young Latina women are creating the most exquisite, empowering graduation caps around the country expressing pride, persistence, dreams, and gratitude for those who paved the way for them. We’re especially in love with the one above from Maria Angel Serna on Instagram, a mom and brand new Cal State Fullerton grad — and clearly a Frida Kahlo fan. Go Maria! We expect great things from you. #SiSePudo (Artwork by LA artist Danielle Jade)

Our 2017 Father’s Day gift guide is here with more ideas rolling out daily. (We love you, dads!)

Cool Mom Eats is sharing 50 summer grilling and party recipes to keep your summer entertaining delicious.

Well this would be a cool party centerpiece: Intricate sculptures carved from soaps and melons. You have to see these!

A college dean’s advice on 4 things kids should know this summer.

Getting kids excited about science: Great interview with the hosts of the new NPR podcast for kids, Wow in the World.

If you’re new to podcasts, this helpful post on how to find and listen to podcasts should help.

The sneakers our Facebook fans are flipping for.

Cool summer activity books to keep kids from getting bored.

Yikes: Are your kids trying these YouTube challenges?

We can’t stop watching the cast of Hamilton sing happy 40th birthday to Star Wars

Beyoncé’s baby shower photos: You know you want to peek.

6 expert tips for the most amazing burgers

Is it paranoid to make people wash their hands before holding your baby?

The warning signs of parenting burnout. Take care of yourselves, mamas!


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