Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Wow, we’re in love with Alisa Laryushkina’s incredibly intricate, whimsical clay jewelry in her Etsy shop. She just added this unicorn brooch pendant – isn’t it amazing? But we love the hedgehog and that fox a whole lot too. (h/t Laughing Squid) Top photo: @Liskaflower on Instagram.

But wait! We’re supposed to be shopping for dads right now. Have you seen our Father’s Day gift guide yet? So many great ideas!

For his first Father’s Day, be sure to check out these ideas for special gifts for new dads.

And gourmet Father’s Day gifts that we’d be happy to partake in as well.

Just uh, don’t get these: 5 of the worst Father’s Day gift ideas. Ha!

Are grandpas the new gender equity warriors?

Why one dad says swearing is allowed in this house.


Congrats to 2017 Scripps Spelling Bee winner Ananya Vinay! Find out which word sealed the honor

Photo: Scripps Spelling Bee

See the word that made 12-year-old Ananya Vinay this year’s Scripps Spelling Bee winner and check out her own words of wisdom for other kids.

For the rest of us, laughing at America’s most misspelled words by state. Oh, Wisconsin…
(PS this list was compiled before the introduction of covfefe.)

Other amazing kids: Love this story of  Baltimore’s 12-year-old chess champion who practiced his game in a barbershop.

Who knew that summer camp care packages for kids was a competitive sport in some circles? Yikes.

It was inevitable. A dog using a fidget spinner.

Harvard researchers say kids benefit from having working mothers. But will that end our working mom guilt?

Such a sweet story: What one surgeon did for a young patient with special needs.

What happens to your identity when a proud single mom…gets married?

Stacie shares creative, healthy lunch ideas for those last days of school — or first days of camp — and they’re a lifesaver.

The 2017 Common Sense Media Summer 2017 Kids Movie Guide

To bookmark: Common Sense Media’s Kids’ Summer Movie Guide.

And yes, we would take our kids to an all-female screening of Wonder Woman, if only Alamo Drafthouse allowed kids. (We hear male tears go well with popcorn. Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Hooray for actresses who speak up about fat-shaming in movie marketing.

Watch these incredible grade school students who used personal stories to write an entire musical on immigration.

Like our kids won’t freak out about this Shopkins themed pop-up café coming this month to NYC.

And congrats to our own former editor Nicole Blades, with her new book available for preorder from our affiliate Amazon. Whoo!

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