Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

We are touched by this story about nurse Stephanie Treherne who makes superhero capes for babies in intensive care as a gesture of hope and strength. In fact, we think NICU nurses deserve superhero capes of their own. Photo: Allen McInnis | Montreal Gazette

Love this handmade breakfast tray the kids can use on Father’s Day.

Speaking of which: Father’s Day breakfast recipe ideas!  Good ones!

Still need a FAther’s Day gift? What are you waiting for! Visit our 2017 Father’s Day gift guide which now includes tech gifts for every kind of dad, funny books about fatherhood written by dads, and personalized gifts you can still order in time for Father’s Day. (If you hurry.)

Speaking of funny dads: Don’t miss this week’s hilarious episode of Spawned featuring parenting tips from actor and comedian Doug Moe.

You’ve heard of soccer moms, but what about spelling bee dads?

Amazing: A transgender father-to-be who’s excited to welcome a son.

Wow, this father-son feeding-tube selfie warmed our hearts and our Facebook fans definitely agree.

Why it’s time to make paid parental leave mandatory. And not just for moms.


Dad wore a tie his graduating son made in first grad
Cue the nostalgic tears: this dad wore the tie his son made in first grade to his graduation. (Who says ties aren’t great Father’s Day gifts?)

More wonderful dads and grads: you’ll laugh and cry simultaneously at this father’s lunch note to his daughter on her last day of school.

As the school year winds down, students reveal what they wish their teachers knew.

This is so cool: How Viola Davis can read your kids a bedtime story.

Turns out brushing your teeth can be a mindful moment. Good news for parents with no free time!

Ever wondered about  the man who played Barney the dinosaur?

How kids can enter the New York Times summer reading contest.

Parents can have fun this summer too: adult summer camp is a thing!



The first woman to draw Wonder Woman
Read about the first female artist to draw Wonder Woman. Wow. (Photo: Jessica Christian for The Fresh Toast)

You have to hear this impressive 7th-grader’s empowering slam poetry for girls

37 women  championing gender diversity in advertising and tech. Special congrats to CMP friend Kat Gordon!

We’re all talking about the young girl who was disqualified from a soccer tournament for “looking like a boy”.   Fortunately, there’s a happy ending.

How to raise a feminist son.

A Spongebob Square Pants Musical is coming. Not a joke.

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