Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Wonder Woman has a black twin. If your kids are obsessed and looking for more, read up on Nubia’s backstory — and let’s all hope she joins Diana in a future film, because she’s pretty amazing. Fan art illustration: Comic artist Marcus Williams

Our Facebook followers weigh in on the new Man Bun Ken — and it’s hilarious. (You can see our take on the new Ken Dolls here.)

Fantastic new ways to keep your family mosquito-free this summer.

THANK YOU COOL MOM EATS for these 12 healthy dinner ideas for picky eaters. Life saver!

So sweet: a little girl saw a bride and thought she was a princess (and the bride’s reaction was wonderful.)

Why Black dads matter.

How to raise a no-diaper baby – could you? Would you?

A ten-year old girl gives marketing advice to Elon Musk. And he writes back.

Here’s to the 150 bikers who escorted a bullied kid to school.

Beautiful words: Kids describe love to an illustrator.

blogger Amina Mucciolo's rainbow unicorn apartment

Would your kids beg for this woman’s magical rainbow unicorn decor? Ours would!

This convenience store is made entirely out of felt products. Pinterest moms? You’ve been one-upped.

An amazing waterpark designed for kids with disabilities.

Mmm…our kids would love all of these summer treats.

You know we love Marie Kondo and she’s back, explaining why you it’s important to declutter when you have kids.

Finally some good news involving a baby on a plane!

Amazing: How the Netherlands is converting prisons into something more positive.

Why being a teacher is even harder than you think.

Kids taking school courses in self-worth: New trend?

A new way to determine your baby’s gender is kind of…interesting.

The right way to use perfume. (Or, don’t wear it. It’s summer. JMHO)

Laughing so hard: A hilarious political baby name guide for 2017 on McSweeney’s from two of our favorite parenting writers. Just know, it’s decidedly partisan. (Who knew a popular nickname for “Sean” is “Melissa McCarthy?”)

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