Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Finally! The Nickelodeon green slime ingredients, revealed! (image via NickSplat)

Speaking of vintage Nickelodeon, children of the 90s are all over these super hip Nicktoons accessories. Want!

How to get free glasses for August’s solar eclipse.

Why one mom cares what her teens wear, and it’s not what you’d expect.

Adore this inspiring, inspirational series from one of our favorite authors and photographers, in celebration of a big milestone.

Fantastic tips for managing summer screen time.

Or if you’re looking to get rid of screen time, check out the surprising 6 things that happened when Kristen banned screens for two months.

These onesies…  just, no. No no no.


Kids can help name Crayola's new blue crayon!

Would your kids like to help name Crayola’s next blue crayon? (Ours would!

Yum! Healthful and delicious smash cake recipes for your baby’s first birthday, if you’re not down with double chocolate.

You all had a lot to say on Facebook about this hot new product we’re coveting. Whoa.

Turns out men can close the gender pay-gap. Here’s how.

Hooray for paternity leave that is working!

Misty Copeland will guest judge on World of Dance. Yes!

An unexpected health drawback to breastfeeding. (Not that it should stop you from breastfeeding.)

Recognizing your imperfections makes you a better parent, says this writer.

Is it possible for our kids to avoid experiencing body shaming? Really thoughtful piece.

An amazing story of an unbelieveable, unexpected, unlikely adoption reunion.

Anissa Mayhew: OG mom blogger, all around ass-kicking mom. RIP

Last, a sad goodbye to our friend and fellow OG mom blogger, Anissa Mayhew.  They broke the mold with her, that’s for sure. You can read some amazing tributes to her on her Facebook legacy page, but she can probably best be summed up by her own description of herself below an old pic on Free Anissa:

This was me before I got married, had three kids, had a stroke, had a toddler with cancer, started a blog, then had more strokes, and became inspirational. You may not be able to tell from there, but I am totally rolling my eyes.

I use a wheelchair, I write one-handed, I have interesting vision issues and my hearing problems that are pretty not-dull. The entire right side of my body is paralyzed, but my boobs are still fantastic!

RIP, mama. We won’t call you inspirational because you haaaated that. But the our lives are better for having had you in it.

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