Here are some of the links we’ve loved reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Totally fascinated by this article in the Daily Mail about the differences in dressing room mirrors. Fascinating to read how the same woman in the same dress looks totally different in 10 different retail dressing rooms. Also, great tips on what makes for flattering lighting that you could use in your own home. (PS Remind us to shop at Selfridges when we’re in London!)

We all want this new Star Wars gift so so badly!

Family summer TV ideas you can feel good about.

Tons of fantastic tips to get kids helping in the kitchen. And they work!

In health news, New Jersey raises the smoking age to 21.

One mom was judgmental about stay at home moms…then she became one.

The deaf 10-year-old girl who was hassled by competitive parents at her softball game. (Grrr.)

Compare that with the sweet, special gift these hearing-impaired children received.

A company now lets women take monthly leaves for their periods. Wow.

Really good tips for how girls can handle middle school drama.

Our Facebook fans are skeptical about bagel donuts. To say the least!

Check out this Hamilton Camp for kids!

Tattly 2017 superpack of all their best tattoos: Now on sale and best gift ever!

Today’s the last day to get 50% off the 2017 Tattly Super Tattoo Pack! You’d be set for kids’ activities, stocking stuffers and birthday parties for life! Use code BDAY2017.

Disney’s Hercules is coming to Broadway.

More excited though for Ava Duvernay’s Wrinkle in Time reboot. Watch the trailer!

If you’re visiting NYC this summer, this Jim Henson Muppets exhibit looks amazing!

Speaking of which…the sad, strange story of the firing of the voice of Kermit.

Really thoughtful article about some of the heartbreak of being a nanny.

Grab tissues to watch this video about two foster kids learning about their adoption

…then grab another one for this video featuring an 11-year-old boy asking his stepfather to adopt him. (Seriously, bawling.)


The new Jane Austen 10 pound note from Bank of England!

Cheering for Britain’s new 10-pound note! (photo: Bank of England)


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