Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

In a Heartbeat is the animated short by Beth David and Esteban Bravo that’s swept the internet this week — our older kids can’t stop watching it, and neither can millions of us. Because love is love.

Also trending: The #BookPhoneChallenge celebrates reading and the power of knowledge, and we’re here for it!

Kristen +Liz’s kids joined us for a Facebook Live about favorite back to school tips. Tune in (and yes, Thalia really is completely obsessed with that one backpack.)

We’ve also launched our 2017 back to school shopping guide, starting with 23 cool space-themed school supplies for lovers of STEM and space.

We need these clever new TOM’s shoes, now!

Here’s to Rihianna who’s doing amazing things for girls’ education.

US Means All of Us. Love this so much.

Great fundraiser to support: The HERStory book. Yes!

Powerful, important article from mom and former CMP editor Nicole Blades, on raising a mixed-race child in today’s world.

For a little guilty pleasure viewing after the kids are asleep, Fun Mom Dinner just hit theaters, and Liz got to chat with the amazing cast this week.

We’ve also got our top picks for August family-viewing films that are new to Netflix.

Here’s why we’re obsessing about the iOS TV app.

And take a look at Indiewire’s top 25 documentaries of the 21st century so far. We give big props to 20 Feet from Stardom!

Whether or not you can make it through the Emoji Movie, your kids may appreciate these ideas for putting together an awesome emoji themed birthday party.

Your favorite set of twins from your childhood are getting their own movie. (No, no Ashley and Mary-Kate.)


Pixipop x Soyoung's new collab brings anime style illustrations to durable, raw linen backpacks and lunch bags for kids |

Loving these new pop-art backpacks for kids from one of our favorite indie brands.

Happy 10th birthday to Microkickboard, who’s giving away 10 scooters a day each day through August 1 on Facebook!

Wait, so now we’re not supposed to blow out birthday candles? Jeez.

Bravo to this 11 year old book reviewer!

Wow – powerful performance of Hallelujah by Chris Cornell’s daughter in memory of her dad.


Could you spend ten days in absolute silence? Could your kids? (Ha!)

A sunscreen that never requires re-application? We’re in!

Laughing so hard at this dad who thought his kids’s artwork was NSFW….until he turned it upside down.

Lost your childhood imagination? Here’s how to reclaim your creative spark.


Minnie Van from Lyft

Laughing at the “Minnie” Vans from Lyft now at Disney World. Get it?

The newest airline controversy: A 6-year old kicked off a flight for something besides an oversold flight.

This pregnant mom lifting heavy weights is mom goals…but not for everyone.

Does bribing your kids makes you a better mother? Hm…

Blown away by this super doctor who delivered her patient’s baby while she was in labor herself. Oof.

Bravo to NYC Together, an organization pairing minority teens with police officers to help foster more trust on both sides.

We love these new Girl Scout badges! Where were these when we were kids?

We’re making the most of August’s hot weather (and the end of bathing suit season, ha) with these no-bake cake recipes.

And as the temperature rises, check out these non-dairy ice-creams so those with milk allergies aren’t left out of ice-cream cone fun on a hot August afternoon.

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