One of the biggest tasks on our back-to-school to-do lists: Get organized. If only that list didn’t come with 6 parts, each with about 10 subsections (sigh).

One of the things we’re trying to get better at is labeling all those clothes, shoes, books, and shiny new back-to-school supplies our kids go off to school with, because we certainly want all those goodies to come back home with our kids too!

Stuck on You personalized name labels in hundreds of combinations, right down to the font and background color | cool mom picks | sponsor

So we’re happy to be bringing you some of our best labeling tips and tricks on behalf of our sponsor Stuck On You, which makes the personalized name labels parents have loved for years, along with so many other goodies, like personalized journals, calendars and planners, water bottles,  duffels and bags, and new personalized bento boxes and lunch supplies.

(The personalized lunch box notes are pretty hilarious: Eat your fruit, Olivia!)

Stuck on You is even offering our readers 25% off your order with code coolmom through 10/31/17 Whoo!

(Offer good sitewide, with the exception of bentos and value packs)

But before you order, be sure to check out these 10 parent-approved tips and tricks for using labels to make life more organized, more efficient, and definitely more fun.


1. Label gear like backpacks on the inside

Personalized name labels from stuck on you
Our first instinct is always to label items like backpacks and lunch packs on the outside so our kids can spot their own stuff. And that definitely works. But putting a label on the inside can be handy for a few reasons:

-It’s smart for young kids who may be prone to fidgeting with their labels and peeling them off
-It’s a good trick for older kids who may not feel name labels are “cool” (even when they are cool, like these)
-As with clothing, it’s a smart way to keep gear labeled and id’d but without interfering with the look of a fancy new backpack, lunch box, or tote bag.

2. If you don’t want to use a child’s full name, use initials.

Labeling tip: Use your child's initials on backpacks and places you'd rather not use a full name |

Every parent has different feelings about using a child’s full name, nickname or phone number on labels and we leave that up to you. If you’d rather avoid full names, it’s easy enough to use a child’s initials. This way any teachers, coaches, or other parents can still identify your kids’ stuff, especially if it gets misplaced or left behind.

Cute personalized unicorn labels from Stuck on You for back to school

We really like the classic name labels from Stuck On You that come in all different colors, sizes, and even different shapes, complete with more than 51 icons to choose from. That way they’re fast for your kid to identify quickly — just look for the puppy, skull, unicorn or skateboard and you know it’s yours.

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3. Use big bold labels or tags for kids with food allergies

Personalized allergy labels (peanuts, eggs, dairy, gluten) are so smart to hang outside their lunch |

It’s hard enough being the parent of kids with food allergies, let alone sending them off to school or after-school activities without you. For a little extra reassurance, we strongly recommend hanging one of the giant allergy bag tags to the outside of a lunch bag. They’re hard to miss! And they won’t come off.

No tree nuts | personalized bag tag ideas from Stuck On You + Cool Mom Picks | sponsor

Stuck on You makes allergy tags specifically for peanuts, gluten, dairy, seafood and eggs. But you could also customize your own classic bag tag with a short message on a bold color that an adult can’t miss, like the one we created right here.

4. Keep labels by the door for items that don’t leave home every day

Tip for using labels: Put the name on the inside of the item!

We admit we often forget to label the items that aren’t everyday school items — and of course, they’re the ones that don’t always make it home. (Sigh.)

So before you send your child out with a pair of headphones for a project, a special hat for crazy hat day, or an instant camera for a field trip, label it! We stash extra labels by the front door or coat closet for that purpose, and then we’re more apt to remember it.


5. Don’t forget to label shoes! Especially for sports.

Shoe labels are amazing, especially when they're rounded in the back to fit right against the heel | stuck on you labels

Label tips to keep you sane: Use shoe labels if you want your kids' shoes to come home! |

We don’t know how our kids do it, but one of them somehow manages to lose a single shoe each year, whether it’s a sneaker (huh?) a flip-flop at the pool, or a slipper somewhere between home and a Friday night sleepover. Shoe labels can help take care of that pretty easily.

Most important: Don’t forget roller skates, ice skates, cleats, ballet shoes, or other sports shoes that can blend in with all the identical ones at your kids’ after-school activities.

Have you ever looked inside a ballet school lost-and-found bin? Then you know what we’re talking about!

6. Use shoe labels to help younger kids tell right from left.

Labeling tricks for back to school: kids' personalized shoe labels can help them tell left from right | stuck on you | cool mom picks (sponsor)

We love anything that helps encourage younger kids to be more independent, and telling the right shoe from the left can be a big help! We love these adorable left and right shoe labels, and we bet your child’s daycare staff or preschool teachers will be grateful for them too, ha.

Psst…they’re also smart for slightly older kids who might be a little embarrassed that they’re still learning left from right because they go on the inside, and they’re “disguised” as personalized shoe labels.

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7. Label shelves to keep kids from fighting…or dumping their junk on the floor

Organization tip: Use labels to keep kids from fighting over hooks, shelf space or cubbies |

What parent of two or more kids hasn’t drawn an imaginary (or not-so-imaginary) line down the middle of the back seat to stop the fighting? This trick serves the same purpose when shelf space at your home is at a premium.

It can also help to label individual wall hooks so there’s no fighting over who gets the good one on the right. (Because of course one of them is somehow better to your kids for absolutely no reason at all.)

8. Labeling books helps make them more special. (And more likely to be read!)

Cute personalized bookplate labels make it easy to keep track of school books and journals

There’s something magical about personalized book labels for our kids — when they go inside a book, that book somehow becomes more of a treasured possession. If you’re gifting them a series of chapter books as a back-to-school treat to encourage more reading time, kids will be overjoyed to discover their names already right inside on their very own personalized book labels.

And hey, it works on regular school books, binders, and composition books too!


9. Have extra labels on hand for items kids pick up during the school year.

Tips for labeling kids' school gear: Don't forget the items they pick up over the course of the school year, like sports equipment and musical instruments!

We always find that however many labels we think we need…we always need more. That’s because our kids end up coming home with sports equipment, costumes for school plays, musical instruments, and more that we never expected.

Sometimes they come home with the classroom pet, too. But no putting stickers on the rabbit or hermit crab, okay?

10. No matter how goofy, how colorful, or how insane your child’s favorite labels…let them pick out their own

Personalized name labels for Stuck on You in so much cute colors + styles!

If you want your kids to actually keep the labels on their stuff, let them have a say in picking out the color and style. Even if your child (ahem, Sage) likes the wacky banana in crazy colors or the cute pastel animals you have a feeling she’ll outgrow next year, and not the simple classic single initial monogram that you might have picked out.


Personalized name label tips: Let your kids pick the style and they'll be less likely to peel them off!

One of the cool things about Stuck on You is that they have literally hundreds of possible combinations. Set aside a little time, just you and each child, and let them go through the process of trying out different fonts, colors, and patterns until they find exactly the perfect one for them.

It just may end up being a new annual back-to-school tradition for you, like it is for us.


Thanks to our sponsor Stuck on You labels for making so many different cool personalized labels and other school supplies to suit any kid with any style and help keep parents organized.

 EXTRA COOL: Use discount code coolmom for 25% off your order through 10/31/17! Offer good sitewide with the exception of bentos and value packs

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