Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


We adore this photo from educator Karen Buffalo showcasing how third-graders in one SC school decorated their lockers to depict their favorite books! They have great taste, huh?

Amazing photos of how kids get to school around the world. Wow.

The new Snapchat feature we’re kind of freaking out about. And our kids don’t like it much either.

Did you watch our Facebook Live video on our back-to-school shopping haul? Do it now — there’s $200 worth of goodies we bought that can be yours!

Bookmark these make-ahead school lunch recipes you can store in your freezer.

Some parents have a hard time letting go as we send our kids back to school.

For parents of older kids: tips on making a boy’s dorm room guy-perfect.

Plus, fun dorm room finds that your student will still love after graduation.

Why did this retailer market guns as a back-to-school item? (At least they took the display down quickly. Geez.)

Malala's Magic Pencil picture book, coming soon. Yes!

We love seeing the preview of Malala Yousafzai’s picture book, Malala’s Magic Pencil. We can’t wait! (Photo: @Malala on Twitter)

Get a sneak peek at John Green’s next book too. Yes!

The Stranger Things cookbook!

Laughing so hard at how this 5-year-old depicted his mom in his family portrait. (Though we applaud his awareness!)

Hurry before August end: How to get free entry for your 4th grader to any National Park this month!

Mothers of special-needs kids cry often, but not always for the reason you’d expect.

Supportive family stories: How one wife reacted when her husband told her he is asexual, and how one mom responded when her 13-year old son came out as bisexual.

Doc McStuffins introduces interracial lesbian parents to the show because, that’s life.

Venus Williams is producing a television show about women entrepreneurs and it looks amazing!

Thanks to this inspirational quote via Swiss-Miss that we needed to see right now.


Artist Danny Amazonas at Quilt Festival Houston.

Whoa: not your grandmother’s quilting. (This one by quilt portrait artist Danny Amazonas whose work is mindblowing!)

The inherent good of people: About GoFundMe campaigns funded by strangers.

The animal video we all need to see right now.

TFW your toddler daughter learns daddy was on Sesame Street. Oh wait…that would be Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter.

And tune into The Today Show 10AM Friday to catch Kristen chatting on hot topic parenting issues!

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