I’m always open to finding new ways for my family to make eco-conscious choices with our daily habits. But, truthfully, if they’re too complicated we don’t follow through. That said, an easy switch I’ve made recently is to keep a couple of Dert reusable shopping bags in my handbag, thanks to press samples I got to try out. And I love them!

Whenever I check out at a store, I decline their shopping bag and use my reusable bags instead. Hey, look at me saving the planet a little bit.

Bonus: the totes become adorable stuffed animals when stuffed in their storage bags. So maybe they’ll get your kids on the reusable tote train as well for sleepovers or day trips to the pool.

Having a cute squirrel or rabbit to play with has kept my 3-year-old entertained while we wait on line at the grocery or for a table at a restaurant more than once. Plus, the shape makes them really easy to find in the bottom of a too-full handbag or diaper bag.

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Dert reusable shopping bags | Bear

Dert reusable shopping bags | Bird

Dert reusable shopping bags | Squirrel


Speaking of diaper bags, because they’re so cute and kid-friendly, you can use the attached clip to hang one off the strap of your diaper bag for an easy place to toss a dirty diaper or wet outfit while you’re running errands. When you get back home, just toss it in the wash with the clothes and you’re all set.

Buy your own Dert reusable shopping bag at their website. They’re a little pricey for a reusable bag, but the multitasking duty as a cute stuffed animal makes it a justifiable splurge.

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