Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

We love the Back to School photos we’re seeing on social media! One day, our kids may grow up to be like Charles Brockman III, sharing this photo of his dad walking him to kindergarten…and later to college. (No wonder it went so viral!)

Laughing so hard at some moms’ true feelings about the first day of school.

Still getting stocked up for September? Be sure to check out our Back to School Shopping Guide and School Lunch Guide.

And psst… join us for a Facebook live haul video at noon ET today (Friday) — you can see how far we made $200 go. And then we’re giving away EVERYTHING to one lucky person. And it’s good stuff.

The post that made our Facebook fans crack us up for hours. (Maybe don’t click until kids are out of the room.)

Is it time to say goodbye to grades?

You are ready for the solar eclipse, right?

A+ planning: Bonnie Tyler will sing Total Eclipse of the Heart during the actual solar eclipse.

Some perks of being an older mom for those of us who started a little later.

But…not as old as this 72-year-old woman who gave birth. WHAT?

Important read from a white mom: “If you are white, your parenting life is easier. Period.”


Libraries are for everyone | artwork by Rebecca McCorkindale

Love this graphic design from creative director and assistant librarian Rebecca McCorkindaleLibraries are for everyone.

Check out Love Symbol #2, Pantone’s new custom shade in memory of Prince.

Love this story of a family who took a civil rights road trip over the summer.

Whoa: How a 10 year old saved his mom’s and his brand-new baby brother’s lives. Incredible.

Professional potty-trainers: An actual job. (Not one we’d want though.)

Marie Kondo’s preschooler knows how to precisely fold socks. Why are we not surprised?

Documenting the messy moments of life is just important as those polished portraits.

Planning your next vacation? Check out how you can rent Elvis’ home.


Creative upcycling from Stephanie Miller mothermakesx4 on Instagram

Stephanie Miller’s Instagram feed @mothermakesx4 features inspiring ways to up-cycle clothes!

Great tips for pumping at work for nursing moms.

Our friends at Fatherly compiled a list of their best diaper bags for dads.

An analysis of Monopoly as an accurate representation of real life.


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