Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


The new Time Magazine cover article on the $15 million “youth sports economy” is a must-read. 10 year olds are getting endorsement deals, parents are spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on club team participation, injuries are way up…and the odds of a college scholarship are not in your favor.

Sarah Jessica Parker wins eclipse watching in these videos.

Don’t throw away those solar eclipse glasses!

Can you guess the name of this baby born on August 21st?

Let it go: What not to stress about this school year.

Nut-free snack recipes that every parent should have in their repertoire.

The homework question: is less actually more?

Pro tips to keep kids on track this school year.

Black Wonder Woman Nubian Notebook on Redbubble

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Wonder Woman back-to-school gear our kids are into this year, like this notebook by designer Hood Adjacent Tee at RedBubble.

Tons of cool free printables to send kids back to school with a smile.

A teacher reads a book to a class about a trans child and some parents lose their sh*t. Sigh.

Speaking of which: Here are our favorite children’s books celebrating LGBTQ families.

Huge congrats to Malala who’s off to Oxford!

And on the other side of progress…this woman was fired for an accidental period leak. WTF??


Diary of a Wimpy Kid MadLibs: One of the top reading apps for kids on

Take a look at Cool Mom Tech for our list of 2017’s top educational apps for kids. (Who can resist Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mad Libs?!)

One amazing, simple fix that helped boost grades for poor students in Baltimore.

Wow, could you parent like a Japanese parent?

Fantastic story about success and perseverance from Luvvie Ajayi: Being a best-selling author doesn’t mean you can just cruise.

Here’s to this celebrity mom whose kid took a summer job in a pizza joint.

What the “The Talk” means to African-American families. If you’re white, it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

Do you put your baby to sleep safely? A recent study suggests you don’t.

Take a guess at how many hours per year you spend cleaning your house. (Though it may never look like it, ha.)

Loving Vincent movie is comprised of 65,000 oil paintings

We are obsessed with this story of the first oil-painted animation film, “Loving Vincent,” which took seven years and 65,000 hand-painted frames.

What an Afghan catwalk show looks like behind the scenes. This is intense.

Here’s to a dad who reminded a store that uh, dads are parents too. (And here’s to the store, which listened!)

Fascinating: the best and worst pets for kids.

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