Magical things like carrying a unicorn purse make life a little easier. So in my Great Internet Unicorn Purse Hunt of 2017, I scouted the far corners of the web to unearth the most amazing unicorn purses I could find in all price ranges.

(Can you tell I’m a little obsessed here?)

I discovered that some are wildly spendy — it’s not cheap to own a great unicorn! — but there are still a lot of affordable unicorn purse favorites of mine on the market right now which you’ll see in our collection here. What a great way to add a little fun to your fall or winter wardrobe as the sky (and yeah, your clothes too) start to turn gray.

As the saying kind of goes, always carry a fabulous purse. Unless you can carry a unicorn purse. Then always carry a fabulous, magical, unicorn purse.

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Cool Unicorn Purses for Women

Kate Spade Unicorn Balloon Clutch

Hello, gorgeous! What’s not to love about this Unicorn Balloon Clutch from Kate Spade? It’s pink. It’s shiny. It’s a balloon animal. Oh, and it’s a magical unicorn. I think I’m in love. And the things we do for love are sometimes crazy…like looking at the price tag then not immediately shutting our laptops. Then again, this particular one costs $300 less than the last one I saw sold on eBay. Yeouch. ($800, eBay)

Magical unicorn purse by Betsey Johnson

The Betsey Johnson Unicorn Crossbody bag was once $27 at Macy’s, but if you’re desperate, it’s now in the $75 range on on eBay, new with tags. It’s no wonder it sold out of major stores because it’s so very Betsey Johnson in the best possible ways. ($75, eBay)

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Charlotte Russe irridescent unicorn purse

This holographic unicorn head can be found adoring various accessories but this is my favorite, thanks to the Charlotte Russe holographic unicorn purse. It not only sparkles, but can be converted as a crossbody or clutch. And I do like that price.  ($16.99, Charlotte Russe)


Sophia Webster iridescent unicorn purse: Magical!

Want the high-end version of the bag above? This blue holographic unicorn purse by Sophia Webster is likely the original — so hot it’s been knocked off everywhere. Sophia Webster also made it in pink and I found one on eBay going for $1,496. Hey, at least there’s plenty of room inside to stash your massive stack of Amex Black cards.  ($1,496 eBay)

GEDEBE designer calfskin unicorn purse embellished with amazing accents

Another option for you “what budget?” shoppers out there, check out the Gedebe calfskin beaded unicorn purse, made in Italy with a beaded unicorn, luxurious crystal detailing, and a magnetic flap closure. It’s perfect for all those daydreamers and magic believers. Literally, like in my dreams because ouch. ($675, Forzieri)

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Vintage 70s Enid Collins unicorn purse

Enid Collins makes some incredible, jeweled bucket bags from the 1970’s that you often see around vintage shops in the $75-150 range. But with the popularity of unicorn purses, I found this one Enid Collins vintage unicorn bucket bag on Etsy for quite a bit more so clearly it’s a jeweled unicorn in the rough. Looks like a modern day Gucci, doesn’t it? Hey, maybe the seller will negotiate. ($629, Knick Knack Emporium Co on Etsy)

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Irregular Choice makes some fantastic unicorn purses like these three, at great prices

I am loving everything from the over-the-top UK accessories brand Irregular Choice. They simply dazzle and bling and okay, blind, with their glitter, embroidery and outrageous colors in every unicorn purse they make. I tracked down their King of the Castle Fairytale Unicorn Purse (above, at left) for $179 on Amazon.

The Irregular Choice Double Unicorn Purses were once for sale at retailers like ModCloth and Poshmark but are sadly now sold out. So the hunt continues. Did I mention that Irregular Choice makes shoes to match these bags? Just don’t wear them all at once.

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Tokidoki Unicorno purses and totes at nice prices

Thanks to my fashionista tween, I’m now up to speed on the Tokidoki obsession and in particular, the Unicorno character. But the gold standard has to be the Tokidoki Mermicorn satchel for $99 on Amazon. Yep, mermaids meet unicorns on a Tokidoki purse. Trifecta. The only thing better? thanks to the Priceblink extension (you MUST DOWNLOAD IT NOW!) I was alerted last minute to the very same Tokidoki Mermicorn satchel on Amazon for even less — just $65 from another seller.  But there’s one left so hurry.

If you love the character but you’re hoping for less of a splurge, then be sure to check out the Tokidoki Mermicorn reusable tote which is a steal.  ($5.52 on sale, Hot Topic)

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Practical unicorn handbags, totes and messengers

Speaking of totes, maybe you want a unicorn bag that can fulfill a more practical role in your daily routine.  The DiaNoche Shoulder Tote Bag by Marley Ungaro ($34.50, Amazon at left) is a useful tote with a fun, patchwork style unicorn design.

The black and white LEINTEREST Unicorn Pattern Purse ($35, Amazon top right) is a cleverly subtle design. You think it’s a polka dot bag. But nope. It’s unicorns.

Then there’s the Kukubird Unicorn Crossbody Messenger Bag in black or pink ($17.99, Amazon, bottom right), with a rainbow strap right of the Mork from Ork era. Great price, too. Maybe even for a diaper bag?

Some of our favorite unicorn totes from artists around the web |

There are so many spectacular unicorn tote bags online, especially from artists who sell on sites like Society 6 and Zazzle. So it was crazy difficult to narrow down the selection to my favorites. But, narrow down I did. Just be sure to double check the materials to be sure you’re getting the sturdiness you expect, whether you want to use it for books or bodega runs.

Clockwise from left.
“The Unicorn Is Reading tote bag by Steph Terao ($20-26, Amazon) |  Rainbow unicorn tote ($16+ on sale, Condor at Society 6) | Pixar Mixed Emotions Unicorn tote ($21.10, Zazzle) | Personalized kawaii unicorn with stars and diamonds tote ($22.30, Producto on Zazzle) |  Pink floral mane unicorn artwork tote ($10.50, Painter Place on Zazzle)


Outrageous Nicole Lee unicorn purse. Wow, those details are insane!

Yes it’s totally crazy, but I fell in love with this Nicole Lee Unicorn print purse! Maybe it’s the combination of purples, blues, and greens. Or maybe it’s the outrageous collage of flowers and butterflies adorning the design, the holographic sides or the faux croc straps. Or just the fact they’re all together in one crazy unicorn purse. ($73.99, eBags – but sign up for emails and get 25% off your first purchase!)

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Cool Unicorn Purses for Kids

Handmade unicorn purse for kids | Tiny Heir Moccs on Etsy

An option I adore that’s still available: The Tiny handmade childs unicorn purse, which sets my cuteness radar on fire. California mom Monica Leon creates them for her Etsy shop, and the matching unicorn baby mocs are killing me. Perfect for tiny trendsetters.  ($35 each, Tiny Heir Moccs on Etsy)

6 of the coolest, cutest unicorn purses for little girls. Though we would wear them too!

This herd of affordable unicorn purses glitters and sparkles! Because, you know, glitter! You’ll find variations on this blue or pink unicorn head all over Amazon, and these prices are great: Just $12-30. And even the little girls’ bags could be a fun, affordable treat for yourself — just check the strap size.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Unicorn purse from LANXI | Unicorn rainbow Sleepyville Critters purse | Glittered Metallic Crossbody Unicorn Purse |  Little girls irridescent crossbody unicorn purse in silver or pink |  Black Unicorn Silhouette Purse|  GUESS Factory girls’ crossbody unicorn purse on Amazon.


Fun two-sided mermaid and unicorn purse from Justice

This Unicorn and Mermaid Double Sided Purse has a shimmer design featuring a unicorn design on one side, and a more subtle mermaid design on the other. Of course there’s a shimmer tassel to match. ($14.90, Justice)



Stephen Joseph unicorn purse collection for little girls

Awwww. Big on style but small on size, the season’s must-have for fashionable pre-schoolers is here thanks to the Stephen Joseph Unicorn Collection on Amazon. The long strap of the crossbody purse at left means it would work well for older kids, too. ($11-$32, Amazon)

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Fabulous glitter rainbow unicorn purse from H&M that's affordable too!

Another hot little find at a super price:  The Small Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Purse is adorable and sparkly with silver metallic accents, and at only 6″ tall, just the right size for the bare necessities to make a date night outfit just a little more whimsical.  ($14.99, H&M)

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Glitter unicorn purse from ASOS

The ASOS Unicorn Purse is a little like a unicorn itself: hard to find. It’s one of my favorites because of the simple but sweet silhouette, glitter, and pink. ASOS, we need more!  If you love it, keep your eyes peeled for appearances at thrift shops and online resellers. (£11, but recently sold out, ASOS)



Adorable plush unicorn purses: Great gift for little kids!

You have to be either a true iconoclast, a Japanese Kigurumin fashion devotee, or ideally a little girl to pull off these plush unicorn purses. The Poochie plush rainbow unicorn purse ($15.99, Amazon) has a customizable heart shaped tag; we’ve also seem similar at shops like Claire’s and JCPenney. For less sequin, more sparkle, check out the fun Sparkly plush unicorn purse. ($13.20 on sale, Kohl’s)

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The Unicorn Purse for Billionaires and Other Fancy People

The ultimate luxury designer unicorn purse from Alexander McQueen. Whoa.

And last, but in a galaxy far far away from least, I’d call this Alexander McQueen Unicorn Clutch the grand Poobah in the universe of unicorn purses. Like all things Alexander McQueen…wow. It’s a black satin clutch short knuckle with a flying unicorn adorned with Swarovski crystals. Essentially, the clutch that every It Girl needs for red carpet events and meetings with royalty. Not only is it the ultimate unicorn purse, but you could probably knock out a couple paparazzi with it should the need arise.

Just know that if you’d have to mortgage your home to afford it, you can just gaze at it from behind your screen. Like I’m doing. ($3100-3800 on eBay)

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