Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Love all the geeky gamer school supplies here, like this Play Like a Girl tee!

Bravo to this body-positive school dress code!

Still shopping for back to school? Take a look at our favorite school supplies for 2017!

FINALLY: the best way to clean your kids’ reusable water bottles. (Hey, it’s the little things.)

Does this back-to-school routine look familiar to you? At least we can laugh about it!

What one dad learned when he volunteered at school as part of a program to get fathers more involved.

Speaking of which, check out these confessions of a class mom!

Great advice from a pro on getting organized for the school year…and staying that way.

If you have kids with special needs, we like these tips for conquering your next IEP meeting.

This photographer transformed kids with disabilities into superheroes and it’s glorious. Including his explanation — and other ways he’s supporting these amazing kids that form what he calls the REAL Justice League.


Black History Flashcards | Urban Intellectuals

Love these Black history flashcards – and they’re on sale right now if you hurry!

A heads-up: This could be one of the hottest holiday gifts of the year.

Do you still believe any of these common pregnancy myths?

This puberty book written for boys has lots of people outraged for good reason.

A different perspective on spoiling babies and children worth reading.

Fascinating: What straight husbands can learn from same sex husbands.

This ‘Despacito parody from ‘Sesame Street’ is just as catchy as the real thing.

Love this third-grader’s poem addressed to the Statue of Liberty.

Fantastic read: Turns out fairy tales have a feminist past.

Some of us are a little too excited for the upcoming Pearl Jam documentary.

Love that this actor in a beloved children’s films uses one of his own lines as his ringtone.

Movies can save lives. Seriously.

The heroes of Harvey stories keep pouring in, like the incredible things the food industry is doing. And how   this midwife rode an inflatable swan to deliver a baby during flooding in Katy, TX.

Turns out you can get pregnant while you are already pregnant. WHAT?

We’re cheering this 103-year-old woman who fulfilled her lifelong goal of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Someone came out with pumpkin spice latte deodorant. That is all.

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