Here are the coolest things we’ve been seeing around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Yes! Dolly Parton is releasing her first children’s album, I Believe In You. And if you can’t wait, listen to the title track here!

We love what this library is letting kids check out besides books.

Make back-to-school time easier: Check out Cool Mom Eats’ free weekly meal plan.

In light of the news that Aaron Hernandez suffered from CTE, read this article about why one mom won’t let her kids play tackle football even in a big southern football town.

Hooray for Morra Aarons Mele, whose new book caught Oprah’s attention. Psst… be sure to catch Morra’s discussion about introversion and anxiety on a recent episode of Spawned.

Another great new episode of Spawned: How to survive the zombie apocalypse as a parent with one of the most hilarious guests. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll survive!

12 Authors on the Banned Books They’ll Never Forget

In celebration of Banned Book Week love how these 12 authors share the banned books that made an impact in their lives.

The value of children memorizing poetry.

Turns out Charlie Bucket was originally written as Black.

Fantastic tip to fix one of the biggest challenges with Instagram Stories.

One hilarious way to make you want to use your Instant Pot more often.

The hot new baby shower gift of 2017.

One special needs mom’s mixed feelings about the the soon-to-be-released movie adaptation of Wonder.

The video making our Facebook fans very happy!

Good news for catching rides on the go with kids: Lyft is offering a car seat option.

Kindie music fans: Download this cool free single from Lard Dog & The Band of Shy while you can.

How the Graham-Cassidy repeal act for the ACA will impact women. (Spoiler: It’s really, really bad.)

Here are some resources for discussing natural disasters and tragedy with kids in light of all the difficult news impacting our friends in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida, Texas and beyond. There’s also a great list of charities and other organizations that can use your help.

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